The fairy of stars script

acseraa:phew. we are done packing. come one icy. lets go and have lunch


scene:lunch with family

mom:done pcking for alfea


dad:then lets have lunch.

acseraa eats heartily

acseraa:can i go out with icy


acseraa leaves

acseraa:what a nice day. oh look. a lovely garden

acseraa rushes of to greet the nature

amandana:who? waht? who are you. why are you in my garden?

acseraa:oh sorry. i i did not know

amandana:it is ok.what is your name?

acseraa:my name is acseraa. my nick name is amy

amandana:really! my name is amandana and my nick is amy too.


amandana:who is your bird


amandana:he is so cute

amandana's mom:honey. it is sis's lunch time


amandana:my sister is paralyzed by no problem. i have help her eat

acseraa:can i come in too


in amandana's house

amandana:sis, open your mouth


acseraa:is she done

amandana:yes, she eats very little

acseraa:can i check her


acseraa:oh you will see

acseraa checks the inside of sister's body with her magic ninside eyes

acseraa:i see teh problem. she has some dark magic in her body

amandana:what is that? magic?

acseraa:i am a fairy. and your sister is a fairy too. which must mean that you are a fairy too


acseraa:yes.i bet your mom and dad have the same probs

acseraa:you can come to the fairy school alfea with me today.


next day

acseraa:hurry up

amandana comes with a small suit case

yesyes she says

scene:near the barrier

acseraa:passing this means tgat you are a fairy


amandana puts her hand through the magical berrier. she went through

acseraa:welcome to alfea

lola:acseraa is that you

acseraa:yes. and this is amandana


amandana blushes:hi

faragonda comes

i see that you have found ummm... amandana. welcome she sayd

amandana blushed again

faragonda:you three are in the same room....mmm.... oh yes. no classes today.

three girls:thanks

scene:at room


lola suddenly gasped:amandana?? arn't you a princess? princess of a relam

amandana:i dont jnow

suddenly an loud sound came

ermilia:hahahahaha. we are the evilix. right sister, tari

tari:yes yes.... TAR STICK

black gloop comes and sticks acseraa down

ermilia:poison threat

poisod covers lola

amandana:how dare you

suddenly amandana turns bright and aura covers her

amandana transformed!

amandana:wow! i am i i i.... am a fairy.


amandana:concentrate on a spell amy. eye changer

she cried

evilix:what. i cant see. whoa

they fell to the ground

amandana freed the 2 girls with the spell heat of stars.

lola;you are the fairy of stars

then they all congratulated amandana

amandana:wow. this was such an experience... hugh... the fairy of stars

episode ended with ending song.

next pisode:ermilia's new powers.

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