Winx ranger Duo

Bloom as a Winx ranger(left), Alicia as a Super Winx ranger (right)

Winx Ranger is a fan transformation for the Winx girls. They do this just for fun once, then again for rescuing Rosie. The Winx only used this twice.


This must require a move:

  1. Perfect Harmony

When the fairies use this move, they must chant, "Turn us into superheroines!"


The fairy will change into a colored suit (depends on the fairy's main color) with white boots and colored gloves, but no wings. The suit will have miniature wings in front on the right. The fairy will also have her hair up in a ponytail, pigtails or in a bun.



  • A Winx Ranger is based on:
Power Rangers
  • Alicia's Super Winx ranger costume is based on:
Sailor Moon

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