An Evil Wizard sends The Winx to California and uses an evil Spell to keep them there. The Only way out they must Sabrina, a Spanish Enchantix fairy. They go to Babu, a Place in California, and find the way to get into Sabrina's Sparkle Kingdom: The Golden Key. The First Time they visit, one of Sabrina's Subjects told them they need a fortune flower. After they get th Fortune Flower, They go to Sabrina's Kingdom. By the Time they get there, The Fortune Flower wilted. Sabrina said that only Destiny's Fairy dust can save it. Destiny uses her Fairy dust, and The Winx follow the Spell to get them home. On California's Beach, They use their Fairy Dust and Follow the Spell, then they get home.

More Coming Soon.........!!!


  1. Enchantix, Shining so Bright
  2. Magic in California
  3. You're the One
  4. All the Magic
  5. Fly
  6. Spotlight

Featured Transformations

  1. Destinix
  2. Gemix
  3. Glamix



Destiny- NO! Don't Send us to California!


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