Trinity's Selkie

Voice Actress (fandom)
Kelly Macdonald
Magical Powers & Abilities
Close/open Waves' ocean portal, Water
Bonded Fairy

Willa is the gatekeeper of Waves'  ocean gate and Trinity's bonded selkie.


Willa has orange skin and a deep green tail. She has dark blue and seafoam colored polka dot decals on her tail also. She wears a deep green blue spiral shell shaped hat decorated by a purple veil. She has a star & wave like purple and green pattern on her forehead.


Willa, much like Trinity, has a very outgoing and adventurous personality. She's always determined and strong-willed. She always puts up a fight when she or one of her friends is in danger. However, while her personality is very heroic, her "act now, think later" personality has a tendency to get her into tight situations or even more trouble. Willa hates to be corrected most of the time and often seems to have a bad temper. Despite these things, Willa still tries to have a caring personality towards her friends and tries to help out whenever possible.


Fan-Series Movie: The Lost Fairy

We see Trinity bond with Willa shortly after Waves is restored by Trinity and Mereidth. Once their parents are safe in the castle, Mereidth and Trinity decide to go on a celebratory swim, where Trinity meets and bonds with Willa, as she couldn't before because Willa was trapped because of Waves' defeat. We see Willa a few more times as she comes (usually accompanying Sparklina) to help out and somtimes just say hi to her bonded fairy.


  • Willa is sometimes seen playing "pirates" with Sparklina and is wearing an eye patch, as a sort of glitch, sometime she is seen appearing with Sparklina still wearing the eye patch, implying they were playing before their arrival
  • Willa is very much into pirates and even speaks with a pirate-like drawl and accent.
  • Despite her colors being different, somehow Willa still seems to look much like Trinity. This could be because of her orange skin being like Trinity's tanned skin and her purple hair being a reminder of Trinity's blue hair.

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