Welcome to Alfea! is the first episode of the first season of Chantix Club


It was the new school year at Alfea, many fairies from the Magic Dimension come far and wide to study and learn more about thier magical powers. A girl named Rosa, was a freshman like the other fairies. While admiring the beauty of the school, she acidentally bumped into a blonde haired girl named, Eliana. The two girls said sorry to each other and walked to Professor Grizelda. "Names, please." "Eliana and she's Rosa." Grizelda checks the lists and lets the two girls enter. 

Faragonda, then, arrives as she tells them all about Alfea, its rules and regulations, and the experience with the Winx, and also the warnings. As Eliana and Rosa finds their dorms, Rosa ask Eliana if she knows about Cloud Tower. "Eliana, what's Cloud Tower?" questioned Rosa. "It is the school of witches. My old friend, Chamice, wanted to be a witch and now she is in Cloud Tower... learning about dark magic." After looking from left to right, the girls finally found their dorms. 

Upon entering the dorm, Eliana and Rosa saw an oranged haired girl named, Seraphina. The three fairies introduced themselves in a friendly way. Suddenly, some of Rosa's things fell. Rosa gets them and a lavander haired girl standed infront of her. She introduced herself as Lyria. Then two girls came in and introduced themselves as Kyla and Diana.

After an hour of fixing their luggage, Eliana suggested that they'll go to Magix for a drink. At the shop, the girls were about to be finished in their last drink. "Guys, I'm going to call my mom. Wait for me at the fountain, okay?" Rosa calls her mom and only had a few minutes of conversation. Suddenly she saw a witch and remembers that it was the Darcelix. She follows them and she was spotted by Crystal.

Crystal, Neireda, and Melanie uses their powers against Rosa. Luckily, Eliana, Diana, Lyria, Seraphina and Kyla arrived in time to save her. The girls transforms and attacks the Darcelix. The girls heads back to Alfea and was spotted by Faragonda. "What are you girls doing at this hour?" "Sorry Miss Faragonda. I saw the Darcelix and followed them." "Oh. Now, girls, off  to your dorms."

"Hey, guys, I got a cool idea. We should make our own club like the Winx, the Trix and the Darcelix! But what should we name the club?" "What about the Elianix Club? Or the Shiny Fairies? Or what about the Super Six Fairies?" "Eliana, those names are awful!" "What's the problem with it?" "Or what about the Chantix Club?" "That's perfect Rosa! From now on, we are the Chantix Club!"


Major Characters

Minor Characters


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