Vocalia is the second moon of Melody, and Vanille's home planet. Like Melody, it is also the realm of music.

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Vocalia does have villages and cities, and a well-known city named Sonata City. There's a huge ocean near Vanille's home, which contains the Ocean Gate between Vocalia and Melody as well as the Great Aria Reef.


Major Minor Stage

The Major Minor Stage is the main and historical concert stage in Vocalia. This is the stage where Vanille holds her concerts, but she doesn't always hold all of her concerts. Even Princess Lyria holds some of her concerts on Major Minor Stage.

Sonata City

Sonata City is the captial of Vocalia. It has been nicknamed as the "City of All Music" because of many concerts
City (I do not own)

Sonata City

held on the Major Minor Stage, which is located within the city. Vanille is the most liked pop idol in Sonata City.

Great Aria Reef

Aqua (i do not own)

The stage of Great Aria Reef

The Great Aria Reef is filled with beautiful corals as well as a giant aquatic stage, created from coral, which if a selkie or a Sirenix fairy sings a song, the song spreads throughout the ocean. The ocean gate between Vocalia and Melody is guarded by a selkie named Seaphony. Seaphony says that she usually sings for all the aquatic creatures for entertainment or for comfort.

Royal Vocalia Place


Vocalia Music Academy

It is an academy for young musicians, which Vanille attended before she became a pop idol and before her mother retired. In Season 4, it has been revealed that Kalliope attended the school.


The royals of Vocalia are King Ethan and Queen Cecilia, along with their daughter, Princess Lyria.

Secret Service

Vocalia also has a Secret Service that is currently led by Captain Tallis Renoir and his Lieutenant Choire Bellonett. Vanille claims that she may train to become a part of the secret service as well.

Other Guardians

In the Season 3 flashback of Miraclix Chronicles, Vocalia's own Spirit Dimension guardian-in training, Octavia, fairy of classical energy, was seen attending the Spirit Academy with the other guardians. It is possible that she is currently guarding its gate.


  • It is possible that Seaphony maybe a pop idol of the sea to many selkies of her village.

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