Pixie of Hope
Amorette (Bonded fairy)
Voiced by (Fandom)
Hynden Walch

Virgo is the pixie of hope, and Amorette's bonded pixie.


Virgo is soft-toned and quiet. She is very loyal and respectful towards Amorette and admires her fighting and words of inspiration. She is indeed intelligent and helpful, and but she can act coldly nice or cold altogether to others depending on her mood, with the exception of the Speed Wingettes members and their pixies.


Virgo has peach-pink curly hair, a light turquoise greek dress while carrying a pink ribbon around, and gold sandals. She sometimes normally doesn't reveal her eyes throughout the series, because her eyes are always closed, but her eyes are revealed to be light blue.


  • "Miss Amorette, are you alright?!?"
  • "No! Princess Amorette, please be okay!"
  • "Those meanies will pay for doing this to you!"
  • "Yes, Princess Amorette."
  • "You are obviously not like Miss Amorette. She's reserved and serious, while you on the other hand are not. You're loud, rude and have no sense of fashion like Miss Amorette does!"
  • "Nitsa, Zelda, we have to act quickly!"
  • "The Snow Nymph's power must be incredible."


  • She is concidered one of the most popular Horoscope pixies in Pixie Village.

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