Episode 107 – A future journey to Cloudtower.

Scene: Bus stop – Outside Alfea

Veronica: … And she told me she would write a letter to Headmistress Griffin of Cloudtower so I can study there next year.

Lilly: So you will stay there at the end of the semester of Cloudtower???

Veronica: My time will be split… I will be in both Alfea and Cloudtower.

Lilly: I think most of the witches are good, but Veronica, you have to be careful!

Veronica (winks): I know!

Lilly: They’re mischievous… and their tricks may pull you into trouble…

Veronica: Thank you for your informations, Lilly!!! But we still have the whole year to be together… And I’ll return whenever I want! Don’t worry!!!

Lilly: Agree… By the way, that outfit looks great on you!

<Veronica checks herself.>

Veronica: Oh… you think?

Lilly: Of course! You have the perfect figure for all the outfits in this world!

Veronica (shy): Oh!!! Please stop!!!

Lilly: Haha… Okay… okay… You designed it yourself?

Veronica: No, Stella did that for me. She’s a very talented fashioner. I think she will be a fashion designer one day.

Lilly: I agree with you. She spends much time caring to her fashion and outfits. I’m not surprised if she becomes a fashion designer… Well… people have their own talents. But why the bus is too late?

<The bus is approaching the girls.>

Veronica: There’s it!!!

Lilly: C’mon, let’s go!!! We’re late!

<The girls enter the bus.>

Scene: On bus

<The girls find seats to sit. Their seats are at the end of the bus. Lilly starts making-up, while Veronica takes out her headphones to listening to music.>

Lilly: I’m amazed, Veronica.

Veronica: Huh?

Lilly: You never use any cosmetics, but you look even better than the girls keep making-up all day!

Veronica: I think living with happiness is my key.

<Girls burst into laugh.>

Lilly: What song is it?

Veronica: Um…

Lilly: Ha?

Veronica: … Peaceful…

Lilly: That name sounds strange. I’d never ever heard about it before… Who is its singer?


Lilly: You’re strange, too, Veronica… Do you know that?

Veronica (smiles): I don’t know who sings it… But do you still want to hear it?

Lilly: Sure! It’s ballad… It has fewer bad effects to my ears than the other kind of music.

<Veronica turns her headphones into earphones and shares the earphones with Lilly.>

Lilly: Wow!!! Meaningful… even its name isn’t as special as it is…

Veronica: Uh…

Lilly: And the singer’s voice is very beautiful… I want to meet her… Even just once in my life.

<A chuckle of delight secretly appears on Veronica’s lips, but quickly disappears.>

Lilly: I’m sleepy… I wonder why it always happens when I’m on bus.

Veronica: Don’t worry. So do I…

Lilly: Veronica, please wake me up when we’re in Magix, okay?

Veronica: Okay.

<Lilly sleeps. When making sure Lilly fell asleep, Veronica secretly opens her spell book. There is a note attached to the first page.>

Target: Earning all the forms and powers the Winx and the Trix earn.
First step: Winx.

<Veronica is impressed.>

Veronica (think): Who wrote this note and attached it to my book? … It could be my book… I’ll ask it clearlier when I have time.

<Veronica closes her spells book. She looks at the window, they’re now in Magix.>

Veronica: Lilly, wake up! We’re in Magix!

Lilly: No way! The megaphone still not tells that yet! How do you know that we’re in Magix?

Veronica: It’s easy, because I live in Magix.

Megaphone: Magix station!

Lilly: Impossible!

Veronica: Yes, it is… Now let’s get to your club, Lilly! All the boys are waiting for you!

Lilly: Oh… Let’s go. I’ll show you the way.

Veronica: By the way, what’s the name of the club?

Lilly: Melody.

Veronica: Melody? Isn’t it Musa’s home planet?

Lilly: Yes, but it’s just the name of the club, too…

<The girls go to the club.>

Scene: Outside Melody Music Club

Lilly: Here we are!

Veronica: Wow!!! It’s so big!

Lilly: Yes, and do you see the roof? It’s made from special glasses… People love this music club, but one of the reasons is because of the roof.

Veronica: Oh… And what’s another one?

Lilly: Still want to hear more? The songs in here are updated every day. So they’re the newest!

Veronica: So its tickets must be very expensive!

Lilly: Uh huh!

Veronica: Musa loves music, so why she gave you the tickets? Didn’t she love this place?

Lilly: Musa and the Winx are now on Earth.

Veronica: Earth? What’s it?

Lilly: Your parents didn’t tell you about planet Earth?

Veronica: No, they just want me to have a normal life… They’re very protective in that way.

Lilly: The magic left Earth when the Earth’s fairies were captured. So people live in their non-magical life, and without believing in magic, too. The magic is very weak there.

Veronica: Oh… That sounds very bad… I wonder what I can do without magic. It’s a part of our lives!

Lilly: I agree…

Veronica: But why Musa and the Winx are now on Earth?

Lilly: You know about that. Bloom is the last princess of Domino.

Veronica: Yes?

Lilly: At first, when she came to Alfea, she didn’t know that. She was adopted by Earth’s people long time ago.

Veronica: And she lived in non-magical life before she found out she’s a fairy?

Lilly: Yes.

Veronica: I got it… Oh man! What time is it? We should come inside.

<Veronica hits the rocks near the staircase and falls.>

Lilly: Are you okay?

Veronica: Don’t worry. I’m fine…

Lilly: Who put these rocks on this?

Veronica: I think it’s not because the rocks, but it’s because me.

Lilly: ?

Veronica: I completely forgot that I’m wearing high heels… I can’t wear high heels… I’ll fall down easily.

Lilly: But you look great on this outfit…

Veronica: You know, when you talked about the outfit, I thought you were mentioning about the dress, the flower,… I wasn’t expected that you mentioned about the heels, too…

Lilly: What do you mean, Veronica?

Veronica: I’m too tall! I don’t think I should wear high heels…

Lilly: Not just me, but many Alfea fairies want to have your height!

Veronica: They want to have a monstrous looking?

Lilly (confused): No! I mean your height fits perfectly with your beauty… And even you’re wearing high heels or not, you’re pretty. That’s the point…

Veronica: But I still want to wear normal shoes or heels. Can we exchange ours, Lilly?

Lilly: I can’t imagine how will you look like when you wear that dress with… my sandals?

Veronica: I really can’t stand on these heels!

Lilly: You’ll be just fine… C’mon, I’ll help you. Walking slowly, please.

Veronica: O… Alright!

<Lilly helps Veronica to get in the club.>

Scene: Inside Melody Music Club

Veronica: The music in here is too loud…

Lilly: I know… But it’s a very powerful weapon!

Veronica: ?

Lilly: Thanks for coming with me, Veronica!

Veronica: You’re welcome! But why you need me to come with you? It can’t be because you’re scared to come here alone…


Veronica: Oh!!! C’mon, tell me!


<Veronica checks Lilly’s sight. Lilly is glancing at a young guy sits near them.>

Veronica (sight): It must be because of that handsome guy, right?

Lilly (embarrassed): How do you know that?

Veronica: I told you, Magix is my home! I’ll get that guy for you!

Lilly (shocked): I thought you don’t like boys.

Veronica: Of course! But this guy is for you, not for me!

<Veronica shakes cocktail glass. The ice cubes collide with the edge of the glass and the “king king” sounds come out.>

Veronica: That surely gets his attention.

Lilly: But you’re the one who attract him, not me!

Veronica: Don’t worry! I believe that a gentle man like him will not refuse my offer.

Lilly: ?

<The boy is attracted by that noise. He comes closer.>

Veronica (whisper): See? I told you. Now allow me to handle the rest.

Boy: May I invite you the drinks, ladies?

Veronica: Oh… I’m sorry. I think I’m overdrinking… My head is pretty hurt. But my beautiful friend still has much time to be with you…

Boy (confused): … Thank you.

<The boy invites Lilly to have a dance with him. Lilly sends a wink to Veronica. Veronica sends a message to Lilly’s cell phone and goes outside the noisy music club.>

Scene: Outside Melody Music Club

Veronica: I hope Lilly is now having great moments with that guy. I should check my book.

<The big lights ray forth Veronica’s face. Before Veronica can realize anything, a group of guys riding wind riders appear.>

Guy #1: Hey pretty girl, what are you doing out here?

Veronica: It’s not your duty to ask!

Guy #1: Oh… A hot stuff.

<The guys laugh. Veronica is about to leave.>

Guy #2: Why you’re so hurry?

Veronica: I have things to do, not like you.

<Veronica knows the more time she stays here, the more danger she is in.>

Guy #1: A lonely, pretty girl… You’re brave, dolly!

Guy #2: Do you mind if we have a “dance” with you?

Veronica: Yes, I do mind. Now stay away from me or you’ll regret it!

Guy #3: Oh! I’m so scared! A little girl will come and kill us.

<Veronica is now extremely angry. She can feel strange aura from those people.>

Veronica (think): They’re just normal people… But they bad sides are too huge… However, I can’t destroy them like the monster… I must use different way!

<The first guy comes closer and gets Veronica’s hand.>

Veronica: Alright! You asked for it! Veronica Magic Winx!

<Veronica transforms.>

Veronica (think): I should get back to the club as soon as I can. I shouldn’t let Lilly worry about me. But…

<Veronica checks herself.>

Veronica: I can’t believe I did that… My wings finally appear!!!

Guy #1: … She… she’s a fairy.

Veronica: Yes I am! Nightingale Song!

<She summons the magical stereos to play mesmerized song. When the song ends, all the guys are under Veronica’s control now.>

Veronica: Now turn back, get out of this city and don’t ever come back here!

Guys: Yes, ma’am! Whatever you say!

<The guys do what Veronica had said. Veronica de-transforms and gets back to the club.>

Scene: Inside Melody Music Club

<When Veronica enters the music club, she realizes that Lilly and the boy are looking for her.>

Lilly: Finally, where had you been, Veronica? I’m very worried!

Veronica: I just come out to have a breath…

Boy: And that breath seems to work. Your head is okay now.

Veronica (shy): You’re right! And Lilly, you know what? My wings finally appear!!! I can’t believe that!

Boy: Congratulation, Veronica!

Veronica: How do you know my name?

Boy: Lilly told me about that. By the way, I’m Tom.

Veronica: It’s my pleasure to meet you, Tom.

Tom: Are you girls thirsty? I’ll be there and get some drinks for you…

Veronica: Sure! How about you, Lilly?

Lilly: I think yes. Dancing makes me feel thirsty more than normal.

Veronica: So… please take me a mocktail.

Lilly: I’d like juice.

Tom: Okay.

<Tom goes and gets the drinks.>

Girls (yell): Thank you very much!

Lilly (whisper): So how do you think about my new boyfriend, Veronica?

Veronica (whisper): He looks good. But I’m not sure about his personalities yet!

Lilly (whisper): I’m so nervous… You know, he’s a good guy, and I’m afraid Christina or Kris or Karla may steal him away…

Veronica (whisper): Is that how the romantic novels describe the “falling-in-love girls” status?

Lilly (whisper): Oh!!! Please! Think some ways to help me!

Veronica (whisper): I don’t think Kris, Karla and Christina will do that if you tell them he’s your target now, except they ask for a fair race… In that case, you’ll need different movements.

Lilly (whisper): Just look at you! You talked like you’re in love for years!

Veronica (whisper, burst into laugh): Not really. I learnt that from romantic novels and movies. Anyway, I’ll have to tell headmistress Faragonda about my power now…

<Tom brings the drinks to the girls.>

Tom: Here you go, lady!

<The girls get their drinks.>

Veronica: Thank you so much, Tom… How gallant you are!

Tom: Oh girl! You’re making me shy!

Veronica: Lilly, I think your cell phone is ringing?

<Lilly checks her cell phone.>

Lilly: Oh… yes… Excuse me! I’ll be back in minutes…

<Lilly goes outside to hear the call.>

Veronica (whisper): Hey Tom!

Tom: ?

Veronica (whisper): How do you think about Lilly?

Tom (whisper): She’s very beautiful, and sweet, and… But why we are whispering?

Veronica (whisper): For your information, Tom, Lilly really likes you…

Tom (whisper, shy): You’re kidding, right?

Veronica (whisper): Actually no… She’s nervous because she thinks one of our pretty roommates may steal you away.

Tom (whisper): My… my…

<Lilly suddenly appears.>

Lilly: It was headmistress Faragonda and she wanted to talk to you at Alfea, Veronica…

Veronica: I’m so sorry, Lilly… But anyway, enjoy your romantic moment…

Lilly: What are you talking about? Of course I’ll get back to Alfea with you!

<The girls are leaving. Tom holds Lilly’s wrist.>

Tom: May I have your phone numbers?

Lilly (embarrassed): O… Of course.

<Lilly gives Tom her numbers.>

Veronica: It’s nice to meet you, Tom. See you later!

Tom: Bye, girls.

<Veronica and Lilly get back to Alfea.>

[End episode]

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