Spirit Dimension guardian
Powers and Abilities
Associated Pixie
Arabella, Pixie of Love

Venus is the final Spirit Dimension guardian, and a representative of Cosmos. She is the fairy of love.

Personality and Background

Living up to her name, Venus is a caring and romantic guardian. Sweet-hearted and gentle, she always warms up to anyone she trusts and anyone with a broken heart, she can fix because she loves to spread her power of love to everyone.

Before she became a guardian, Venus and her family were living a decent life, but Venus thinks that the family's poor. Venus didn't make much friends because she was self-consious about herself, for she was a chubby girl, and she was afraid to get rejected. But she still showed love, even though she wasn't confident about her weight. She is very much loved by her family, but she just wanted to be loved by her own dream prince. She was later inspired by Queen Ilumina when Venus and her family went to a festival honoring the Snow Phoenix. So Venus worked out and reminds herself everyday that no matter what a person is beautiful just the way they are. When Venus got older and attended Alfea, she was still shy and unsure about herself, until she was attracted by a few Red Fountain students during an Alfea dance one time. However, she rejects some of them, because she believes in true love, not false love. Later, after she recieved her Enchantix, she went in a forest near Alfea for an experiment and found a young woman around her age crying saying that love is fake. Venus comforts the young woman and a casts a spell to show her what true love is like, which made the woman smile and filled with love and hope. When Cyrene appeared, she tells Venus that she restored the love within the spirit of a young woman who died mysteriously in the forest. Cyrene then offers Venus to attend Spirit Academy and to become a Spirit Dimension guardian, which Venus accepts.


She has light blonde and purple hair styled in long twin curled ponytails (In flashback), light pink eyes, and coco skinned like Alicia and Aisha.

Powers and Abilities

"I am the love that soothes the souls." 

Venus's powers revolve around love.

  • Lovely Heart
  • Sweet Therapy
  • Explosive Kiss
  • Paramour Punch
  • Infinite Heartbeat
  • Charming Strike
  • Affectionate Spirit
  • Shining Love


  • Her appearance is based on Princess Cadence from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • She says that Ellie is most fond of her, becuase of Venus's loving nature.
  • It is possible that Venus may have feelings for Captain Angelo of the Cosmos Secret Service.

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