Venelly Official

Magical Abilities
Franklin (Father)

Lissetta (Mother)

Steilene (Adopted younger sister)
Voiced by (fandom)

Venelly is one of the minor antagonists in the Miraclix Chronicles. She is the witch of poison.

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Personality and Background

Venelly's personality is that of a mad scientist. She is quiet yet sadistic, her methods are always in science. Because of this, deep inside she is just a sad girl who only wants happiness and thinks science is the only way that makes her happy.

Despite her powers are of poison, she was born on Zenith. Her parents, Franklin and Lissetta, are known scientists in the Zenith Science Institute. Venelly grew up loving science with her parents, but sadly, her father went to jail after an experiment gone wrong that nearly caused the endangerment of the citizens of Zenith. As she got older, she attended the Zenith Academy and became a well-known straight A student there. Venelly was given a test to make her a known prodigy to the Academy in one month, she came up with many ideas one night, but didn't think it was good enough to impress the judges. So she came up something extreme, she made a half human, half android with Venelly's DNA injected by a shot. Venelly presented this android to the judges, however they thought it was too extreme for a student like her.


Venelly has dark green hair with wavy bangs, two long pigtails and has one distinctive discolored eye on the left, which was caused by the accident. Her voice is also somewhat raspy.





Powers and Abilities

Venelly's battle phrase and transformation phrase is "Sting".


  1. Toxic Device
  2. Poison Interface
  3. Venomous Strike
  4. Corruption Sting
  5. Data Range


  • Her name is pronounced VE-NAL-LEE. It also derives from the term "Venom", which is also another word for "poison".
  • Her appearance looks similar to Dead Master from the Black Rock Shooter series.

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