Trickery Date
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October 2, 2013
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Trickery Date is the fourth episode of the Chantix Club series. 


The Darcelix are making a plan as a pay-back to the Chantix. Soon enough, they used their crystals and made each of their powers boost up. 

At Alfea, the Chantix and Lyra were at Ms. Faragonda's office. "Girls, what is going on?" asked Grizelda. "It's those stupid Chantix girls, Ms. Faragonda! They called me filthy, poor, and ugly [fake cry]." exclaimed Lyra. Rosa quickly defended her group as well as herself saying, "Ms. Faragonda, we aren't the ones who called those things to her. First, Eliana accidentally bumped into her and Lyra told her to watch for where she's going. Second, Eliana apologized, however, she sweared to us!" "That's a lie, Rosa!" she said as she defended herself. "Enough! I don't know which to believe. However, I decided to give you each a fair punishment but different. The Chantix will clean the floors and decorations of the building tomorrow morning and on the afternoon they will have their missed classes, and for Lyra, she will do the same also.

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