This is Total Drama: Fairy Edition. Previously, we have pushed campers to their limits, taken them through movie challenges, travelled around the world, and challenged them in hazordous conditions. But this year, we are introducing a new set of characters, fairies and specialists, and challenging them. 20 teens, two teams, one winner.


Marie- Fairy of Nature and Animals. Marie is a sweet girl who loves to be active and never shows defeat

Angel - Specialist. Leader of the Sacred 7. Lone wolf.

Stephanie- Fairy of light and snow. Gentle, shy, spunky but very friendly and outgoing. Alicia and Lucas's daughter.

Andro - Specialist of Red Fountain, and Stella and Brandons son. Twin brother of Samantha.

Cayenne- Dance fairy. Never afraid to get out there and try. Fairly athletic and very, very flirty.

Samantha - Fairy of Light, and daughter of Brandon and Stella. Twin sister of Andro.

Nick - Specialist. Member of The Sacred 7. Bold and Outgoing. Isn't afraid to follow his heart.

Kaia - Fairy of Energy and Life. Energenic and outgoing. Bold, never afraid to stick out. Leader of The Mystix.

Trey - Specialist. Member of The Sacred 7. Cocky smart mouth. Jokester of the team.

Liona - Fairy of Energy and Electricity. Responsible, hot-headed, however, cares deeply for her loved ones.

Phineas - Specialist. Member of The Sacred 7. Pacifist and planner. Last member to lose their cool or cross the line.

Holly- Fairy of Nature, always in the clouds but a team player.

Austin- Specialist. Has spunk, a bit of a clown but is outgoing and a loyal friend. Stephanie's love interest.

Natasha- Fairy of Sweets and Bakery: very sweet and ditzy

Bracken- Specialists. Bracken is an athlete thats very kind, but can be annoying

Jesse - Long time friend of Angel's and forever member of The Sacred 7. He is the brains of the team.

Sorrel- Fairy of Seasons Crazy and Ditzy, but intelligent

Talon- Specialist. Talon is musically talented and brave. He always has arrows as weapons

Katherine - Fairy of Fire, and Bloom and Sky's daughter.

GK - Specialist. Member of The Sacred 7. Loyal to the end. Will follow Angel to the ends of the Earth.

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