Thekla Zabat is the ex-girlfriend of Khary Stavros.


Thekla is a very sultry tomboyish type who enjoys seducing men and then breaking up with them when someone more attractive comes along. One of her few regrets, however, is choosing to mess with the Stavros brothers, seducing them both at the same time and then getting caught.

She repents later and is shown at graduation.


Season 3

She and Khary start dating at the beginning of the year, much to Kiran's dismay. Their relationship consists mostly of physical attraction, and finding Khary leaving Alfea early one morning shatters Kiran's heart.

She later reveals to Kiran that they did not actually engage in anything serious, and that she made him leave because she could tell he wasn't over Kiran.

It is through saving her that Kalani earns her Enchantix on her home realm. She and Kalani had been fighting over Damaris when a huge storm hit the beach, leaving Thekla stranded out in the waves.


Thekla is a wiry surfer girl, similar to Kalani, with short-cropped red hair and aqua eyes.

She normally dresses in a tank top and cutoffs with a pair of flipflops.

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