The Witch Sisters compose of Snowy, Shawna and Veronica. They are the antogonists of Life at Alfea.

The Witches


Snowy is the daughter of Icy. She shares many of her mother's qualities: her power of ice, her personality and her looks.

Snowy has white hair that goes down to her waist. She has icy blue eyes and pale skin.


Shawna is the daughter of Darcy. She has dark blond hair that goes past the shoulders and brown eyes, though they change to yellow when she is in her witch form. She has the power of hypnotism and shadows.


Veronica is the daughter of Stormy. Like Snowy, she shares many of her mother's qualities: her power of storms.

She has straight violet hair and purple eyes. She is quiet and less agressive then Snowy and Shawna

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