The Swamp of Melmamora is the third episode of the first season of Chantix Club.


The Chantix girls were late for their field trip to The Swamp. The girls hurried, luckily, the bus were missing 2 more students, which were Isla and Noreen. Professor Palladium noted that there will be a surprise awaiting them. Others were thinking that it might be things that they have longed desired, while the Chantix thinks of it that the Winx are the surprise. While on the bus, they chit-chat, while the Chantix Club, Myra's group, and Trishanelle's group listened attentively to Professor Palladiums stories about last, last, last year's trip. 

As they stepped down the bus, they were disgusted of the smell and apperance of the swamp.

[Professor Palladium speaks] "Alright, girls. Listen up. I brought you here for a quest. Starting from here, you must listen to the voice of nature in order to return back to Alfea. Whoever comes back first, shall receive a reward. Oh, and you must have a group of six. Good luck!" [Professor Palladium leaves the fairies and teleports himself back to Alfea waiting for them

"Now, what?" Lyria questions them. "Professor Palladium said to follow and listen to the voice of nature. So, keep your ears attentive." Rosa said as they went east and west to listen to the voice of nature. "According to my senses, we're close to Alfea," Diana notes. "But, there's something blocking the way over there. [gasps] I heard the voice of nature, and it's telling us to go we should go west. C'mon!" They reached west, Rosa heard the voice of nature. "I've heard it, and it's telling us to go north." Not knowing that Jenna's group was following them, they went north.

[[[Eliana]] heard rustiling and Jenna] "Rosa, stop, I overheard Jenna." "But they went east, Eliana." Eliana shushes them and went to a bush. "Believe me now?" said Eliana as Jenna showed a sad face. Jenna apologizes to them and went east, believing that east was the right way. They went straight and Diana notes that they're near Alfea. Several minutes later, they arrive. Second, was Jenna's group. Third, was Myra's group, and soon, they rest were transported back to Alfea, declaring that the first three groups we're the winners and recieve a three weeks without homeworks.

Lyria writes on her diary and says,

Dear Diary, 

I had a great time today. Our task was to follow and listen to the voice of nature. Luckily, we listened attentively and found our way out. As well as Jenna and Myra's groups. I'm so glad to listen to it, even though I'm not a nature fairy. Plus, we have a three weeks of no homework. Ah, it feels great.



[Episode ends]

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