Once upon a time in the seas of Andros there lived a girl named Raquelle. She lived in the Shell Labyrinth in the corner of the sea near the Seaweed Patch. Her mother, Fiona, hated her so much that she had to get rid of her. A month later, Fiona ripped Raquelle's tail off, which hurted so much, and threw her out into the sea and took her powers. The jellyfishes stung her with pain and the dog-fishes bit her hardly. She lived in a patch of seaweed with the crabs, which pinched her a lot. She suffered with pain and couldn't breathe underwater. The sea-creatures hated her and thought her as an enemy. She screamed and shouted for help. She fell very ill and weeks later, Aisha sensed someone suffering. She sent mermaids and the mermaids brought Raquelle to Aisha.

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