Chapter 1

Ringggg, Ringggg, Ringgg

"Shuddup!" Sorrel muttered into her pillow. She carelessely aimed at the snooze button on her alarm clock. She then shot up from her snooze. "Oh no! I'm going to be late!" She rushed to put her clothes on, quickly did her hair, and zoomed downstairs to the kitchen.

"Hi honey!' Sorrel's dad called from the kitchen.

"Can't talk! I'm going to be late!" Sorrel shouted. She rushed out the door and ran to school. As she ran, she tripped on a crack on the street and fell face first.

"Hey, are you okay?" a hand reached out to her.

"Ow... no not really." Sorrel murmmered. She looked up, it was Talon. "Oh hi Talon!"

"Your knees!" Talon gasped. "Do you need help?"

Sorrel looked down, her knees were scratched up. "Oh I got it." Sorrel blushed, her day already started off bad.

"Well if it isn't for Miss. Klutz!" Rachelle called in her french accent. Sorrel looked down as she past her friend.

"I thought I was running late, so I ran, tripped over, and was helped up by Talon." Sorrel muttered.

"Talon? Thee Talon? The super cute one with the spiked up brown hair, super atheltic and such?" Rachelle questioned.

"Yes... I totally embarassed myself!" Sorrel cried, putting her head down on the desk. "Why me?"

"I heard a super cute boy's name, and my ears want to hear about it!" Callie sang.

"No you dont!" Sorrel said, with her face still in her arms.

"It's a bad bad story." Rachelle pointed out, shaking her head.

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