This is the first season of The Crystalix.

Chapter 1: Alfea, Here I Come!

" Gonna be late for school! Gonna be late! Oh no!" Cassi panicked as she ran through the big gates of Alfea. Grizelda was looking at her list. " Someone's late!". She saw Cassi rushing. " Grizelda! I'm sorry for being late!" Cassi said as she stopped next Grizelda, hoping she would say, " OK, Cassi go in and Welcome to Alfea!". But Grizelda said, " Go to Ms. Faragonda's office, please!". Cassi sighed. " BUT...but!". " Unless you want to be expelled on your 1st day, GO!" Grizelda said loudly. Cassi ran up to Ms. Faragonda's office. Ms. Faragonda looked pleased. " Am I in-" Cassi started. " No, dear, you're not in trouble. It's just..everyone got their dorm numbers from me and it was a tangle, so you should be glad to be late. Your dorm is in the 1st room in the 2nd floor!". Cassi went to her dorm and saw a blonde girl unpacking her bags. " Hi. The name's Daisy. Are you the missing roommate?" Daisy said. Cassi nodded. " Yes!". Cassi went to meet the girls. She walked on a big bluebell plant. Eeeeeeek! " Oh, I'm SO sorry!". A girl walked into the room. " Oh, are you Ok, Cookie? Oh, hi! My name is Ava!". Cassi sighed. " I hurt your plant!" Cassi bent down and stroked it gently. Ava smiled. " It's OK. He gets stepped on all the time by my little sister, Amisi!". Cassi sighed with relief. Phew! Cassi walked and bumped into 2 girls. " Ow! Ouch! Hey, I said that!". " Oh, Sorry! Did I hurt you two? I am stupid, anyway!" Cassi said. The girl with chestnut hair looked and said, " Sorry! Was it me, her beside me or you?".

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