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The Royal Tempora Castle

Tempora is the home planet of Mavis, her older sister, Lorelei and the crowned princess, Aeona.

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After the birth of the Great Dragon and the Snow Phoenix, two beings of space and time named Chronora and Spatius were born and recreated a once dead planet and its life forms and renamed it Tempora. The time goddess and the space god first ruled Tempora, however being both beings of time and space and royalty can make their positions harder. So both king and queen secretly watched over the people who had the right heart for royalty. Chronora first found a woman who's heart was pure for royalty, and the first official queen of Tempora was Queen Aurora.


Tempora is a planet ruled by the noble royal family of Arkwright. The first Arkwright who started the line was Queen Aurora and King Sirius. The current royals are King Mars and Queen Placidia, along with their daughter, Princess Aeona, who is next in line for the throne. The Arkwright family are the third greatest and richest nobles in the Magic Dimension, the second is the family of Domino and the first is the family of Cosmos. The fairy of time and space and fellow Miraclix member, Mavis, became adopted into the family after Lorelei's death.


Chronos Temple

Unlike the Space-Time Temple in Cosmos, the Chronos Temple is a more advanced gateway to all time and space.
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The Chronos Temple

It's outward appearance looks similar to of a castle.

Spatial Reef

The Spatial Reef is Tempora's main ocean. Little is known about this ocean, as it has two gatekeepers of the Temporian gate, which is rare in many cases. The two are known as Nydia and Spatia, the Space-Time selkies who are also sisters.


  • Tempora comes from the word "Temporal", which associates with time.
  • It was revealed that Chronora and Spatius know about different dimensions, and that the events after Season 4 of Winx Club (which is Season 5-7) are in another time. This means the events of Miraclix happens years after Season 4 and the meeting of Alicia.

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