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Bella the cat,Megan the horse
14(season 1), 16(season 2), 18(season 3)
December 12
Crystal Village
Alfea,Rubix Club,Specialists,Crystal Village
Powers and Abilities
Pyrokinesis,Thermokinesis,Hydrokinesis,Hydro-Thermokinesis,Regenarating factor
First Appearance
The New Fairy At Alfea
Scott(BoyFriend), James(Ex-BoyFriend), King Chase(Father), Queen Elizabeth(Mother), Dakota(Younger Sister), Daniel (Older Brother)
Voiced By
Ruby Young

Princess Taylor (aka Tay) is the leader of the Rubix Club.As well as the Princess and Guardian fairy of Crystal Village and the keeper of the Ice Dragon Flame.She has a younger sister Dakota who is more out there and less clumsy if you'd say..                                       


Taylor is a shy, kind, genorous, love, caring and is sort of insecure and out there person.She's also,a little "clumsy" she falls sometimes,she loves to cook,play with the snow ("it snows alot in crystal village it also gives away beacause the of the name"),making new friends everyday all the time


Taylor wear's a dark purple tube top and a pair of long skinney jeans, with some light dark purple sandels.She also has long dark purple hair and a red and black checkered necklace.

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