Task Force is a spin-off series based on Prettix Club featuring the Task Force from Prettix Club as main characters.


The story take time before and during the Prettix Club event,it had a connected storyline with the Prettix Club,the series used the view of the Task Force to tell the story,there're some event that not involved with the Prettix Club storyline.

Main Characters


All main fairies appear in the Prettix Club also appear in the Task Force series,for more details,read here

Task Force's members

All Task Force members appear in the Prettix Club also appear in the Task Force series


All Gangmember appear in Prettix Club also appear in Task Force series,but there some new member

more coming soon.....


Season 1 - Redemption

1. A New Day

2. Welcome to Redfountain

3. Boot Camp

4. We've Got Hostiles!

5. Duty Calls

6. Conviction


  • Alfea
  • Redfoundtain
  • Magix
  • Infinite Ocean
  • Eraklyon
  • Flowerland

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