Task Force

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Task Force

Prettix Club
"Let do this!"

"Welcome to the Task Force. Best handpicked group of warriors on the hole Magic Dimension."

Harry welcoming Yuri in the Task Force

Task Force, also know as Lima Niner X-Ray,is a faction in Redfountain,an elite and highly secretive counter-terrorism/special operations unit.The TF appear in Prettix Club and Task Force. Its members serve as the principal protagonists of Task Force(series). Notably during Season 2 and 1, Toni betrayed the Task Force subsequently all the remaining members of Task Force were either eliminated or on the run at the conclusion of the crisis. In Season 2 and 3 the survivors united with The Rangers to continue with their main objective.

"They'll always need men like us. Those who are willing to do... what others cannot"


Coming soon.....

List of members

Notable Members

Harry - President

Johnny - Vice President

Vic - .Lieuternant

Riley - Sergeant at Arms.

Yuri - Road Captain.

Ramirez - Enforcer.

Other members


Jackson - Leader of Brothers Blood

Conroy - Guns support

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