This is the story about Stephanie's life, from when she was born to her life in Alfea.


Queen Alicia with Stephanie

Alicia pregnant with Stephanie.

When Alicia was now pronouced queen of Cosmos, she learned that she was pregnant with Stephanie way before Bloom's pregnancy with Katherine. Alicia and Lucas told their parents, Lucas's parents were proud, but Alicia's mother was shocked about Alicia's pregnancy. But Alicia's mother knows that her daughter is growing up and she has to face her future, so she congraduated both of the proud parents. Both Alicia and Lucas's friends were both surprised and stuck by their side till Stephanie's arrival. While in Cosmos, Bloom and Alicia were both discussing on how their lives have changed, how they became from ordinary teens to powerful and magical fairies. They both even wondered how Rosie's life has been since she was crowned queen of Floridia.

After months passed, Alicia was ready to go into labor. However, she tried to go though, but she still had that fear of needles. Lucas tries so hard to calm and comfort his beautiful queen down. After a long, few, painful hours, Alicia gave birth to Stephanie, which ironically she was born after her mother's birthday.

Her friends and family all surround Alicia as she held her newborn baby girl in her arms.

Early life

Baby steph 2

Stephanie as a baby

Stephanie Madeline Wilson-Valentino was born on January 21, 2009 at the Royal Cosmos Place. The whole kingdom of Cosmos were delighted to hear the birth of the newborn princess and celebrated. Stephanie was spent most of the time taken care of by her parents (Since Lucas stepped down from the throne in Atarion to rule Cosmos with Alicia and to take care of his newborn daughter.) Alicia was cautious about Stephanie having her powers developed early ever since Dr. Radia told her about this. Alicia was given a magic hairtie for Stephanie to control her powers by Dr. Radia, but so far Stephanie can control her magic without it. But she was given it just in case. But when Alicia and/or Lucas is invited to royal occasions, most of the times they reject the invite. But if it is an important occasion, then they will leave Stephanie under the care of their three most trusted maids: Olena, Leonora and Meira. Stephanie once had a playmate, Katherine, which Alicia and Bloom planned.

Aurora Elementary

As Stephanie grew, she attended Aurora Elementary, the school for fairies and heroes in training, in Cosmos. She attended the school earlier at age 5, she made friends with Emma and Arleena during that year.

Little steph

Aurora Elementary uniform

When Stephanie turned 7, Lucas showed his daughter Red fountain and told her how he met her mother in Alfea and Earth. After this, Alicia and Lucas surprised their 7-year old a future utopian city that they created for them and the citizens of Cosmos. Also they created a beautiful garden just for Stephanie on her birthday filled with spritelings and fairy pets. Later on, the royal family attend a royal gala for all royal families to attend in Cosmos. Stephanie then met Austin at the gala, which made Austin blush when he meets her. However, she also met Camille, her first rival, which she was insulted by.

Life in Alfea

When she got older, she attended Alfea and doing the years, she became leader of own club, Miraclix, found her bonded pixie, earned all of her fairy transformations, and found her love interest. Plus adding a fact, she also has two sisters named Ellie and Amorette.

Season 1

When she started attending Alfea, she was quite shy and was doubting herself, until her mother encouraged her. At first but she then grew comfortable around the New Winx. She later introduced her powers to the class, however she was unsure at first. After that she earned her winx in the Virtual Simulator because of her love for her family and friends. After that, she was moved into another dorm and met new roomates: Renajene, Milla Jane and Mavis, which she later becomes the leader of her new team: Miraclix Club. A few days later, Alfea had a traditional dance where both the students of Alfea and it's male counterpart (Red Fountain), join together. At first, Stephanie got nervous because she had a crush on a certain specialist she met the other day, but the other girls encouraged her to not be so shy. She wore a one piece white dress with a frilly aqua, black and white skirt and a white hairbow her mother gave her. When the dance started, Stephanie found her crush, Austin, who was the prince of Brinn. She again was nervous, but Milla Jane and the other girls shoved her to him. Overall, the dance turned out great, however Stephanie questions herself about where she's seen Austin before. Few days after the dance, Stephanie heard about the Day of the Royals at Red Fountain and decided to see Austin at the occasion, along with Milla Jane by her side. But she later found her old rival, Camille, which neither of them remember each other from before when they were little. Soon a fight breaks out, which leads them on the battlefield. Stephanie later felt embarassed, and left.

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