Steilene Official

Age (At first appearance)
Magical Abilities
Franklin (Adoptive father)
Lissetta (Adoptive mother)
Venelly (Adoptive older sister)
Voiced by (fandom)
Stephanie Sheh

Steilene is one of the minor antagonists in the Miraclix Chronicles. She is known to other students of Cloud Tower as the witch of electricity.

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Personality and Background

Steilene, at the moment, is a complete mystery. She is mainly quiet and very loyal and respectful towards her sister, Venelly. Venelly claims that she was adopted, others question about Steilene's appearance because she is always around her.

It is revealed that Steilene is actually Venelly's android. She was programmed as her younger sister after the accident.


Steilene has fair skin and green hair that's styled in a short length haircut. It is unknown what her eye color is, mostly because her eyes are always closed.





Powers and Abilities

Steilene's battle phrase and transformation phrase is unknown at the moment.


  • Electrocutioner
  • Charged Strike
  • Electric Negation
  • Shocker Field
  • Raging Voltage


  • Her name is based on Frankenstein, the classic 1818 monster.
  • She is also based on Double from the videogame Skullgirls.

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