The Gate to the Dimension

The Spirit Dimension is a dimension where rested and/or lost souls have been gathered by the Spirit Guardian fairies. It is also a living sanctuary for the deceased. This dimension is connected to the seven realms, from Domino to Cosmos. Those who want to visit their deceased loved ones, they must be protected by Cyrene's protection spell.

Appearance and Locations

The Spirit gate looks similar to that of the sealed gate in Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The gate is entirely made of stone, surrounded by grass hills and trees and a pathway for when the souls enter.

Within the Spirit Dimension is unknown, however peaceful blue skies and mountains are shown briefly.

Sky District (Royale Village)

The Sky District is a special village for deceased royals from other planets.

Land District (Terra Village)

The Land District is a normal village for normal and magical civilians from planets all over the Magic Dimension. The villagers are not poor nor rich, they only live a serene and peaceful life. Pallasia, Venus and Siria watches over this district for those reasons and to keep from having the people to become homeless or poor.

Sea District (Marine Village)

The Sea District is a underwater village for lost souls who are mermaids and/or mermen. Zarya sometimes watches over this district for reasons, and adding the fact that this district is possibly connected to Andros's spirit gate.

Soul Palace

Soul Palace is the home and the castle of the Head Guardian, Cyrene. She rules over the Spirit Dimension, and
(I do not own) Castle 2

The Soul Palace

her main guradians inhabit in the castle. Outside the palace courtyard, is a training ground for the main guardians, whereas the other training grounds are at the Spirit Academy for future guardians.

Spirit Academy

Palace (i do not own)

The Spirit Academy

The Spirit Academy is where fairies and/or wizards who have seen lost spirits and souls attend to become Spirit Guardians of their planet. They are to train and study in the near future to gather, protect and lead spirits into the Spirit Dimension.

Hollow Gates

This gate is for villians who have been destroyed but their spirits still roam free. According to Cyrene, she tried to gather the Ancestral Witches' souls, however they were too powerful for her to gather once. She then tries again with the help of a warrior named Malandra, who once attended Cloud Tower, then later Alfea. Malandra was not strong enough to gather the Ancestresses to the Hollow Gates, but she managed to sent them to back to Obsidian. Cyrene also states that Malandra will gather their souls once again one day. The Hollow Gates also leads to the Omega Dimension in an underground prison where no soul can escape.

Known Guardians

Spirit Dimension includes loyal and professional guardians from their known realms. The current ruler of the Spirit Dimension is the Head Guardian, Cyrene. Though Cyrene has gained trainees for centuries, she can only choose who is worthy of guarding the Spirit Dimension.

  • Head Guardian: Cyrene, fairy of spirits
  • Domino's guardian: Nova, fairy of heat
  • Solaria's guardian: Siria, fairy of speed
  • Linphea's guardian: Irenee, fairy of peace
  • Melody's guardian: Allegra, fairy of wind
  • Zenith's guardian: Pallasia, fairy of intellegence
  • Andros's guardian: Zarya, fairy of the pure waters
  • Cosmos's guardian: Venus, fairy of love


  • Tir Nan Og's guardian-in training: Melisande, fairy of nature and animals
  • Floridia's guardian-in training: Philomela, fairy of music
  • Starlasia's guardian-in training: Astarte, fairy of hope
  • Vocalia's guardian-in training: Octavia, fairy of Classical energy
  • Tempora's guardian-in training: Mercuria, fairy of Astral Energy
  • Acacia's guardian-in training: Lilybeth, fairy of nature and aromatherapy
  • Cassiopea's guardian-in training: Elidi, fairy of light
  • Healios's guardian-in training: Aloe, fairy of healing and feelings

Hollow Gates

  • Guardian: Malandra, fairy of souls


  • It is unknown if the guardians knew about Daphne's roaming spirit. Although, Cyrene may have been the only one who knew about this. However, because Daphne was fully restored at the end of Season five, she now can't go into the Spirit Dimension.
  • The Spirit Dimension is inspired by the Soul Society from Bleach.
  • In the (fandom) 4kids dub, Spirit Dimension was renamed as Serene Dimension for certain reasons.

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