Sparklina, Selkie of Fantasy's Ocean gate

Voice Actress (fandom)
Tabitha St Germain
Magical Powers & Abilities
Close/open Fantasy's ocean portal Stars & Light
Bonded Fairy

 Sparklina is the gatekeeper of Fantasy's ocean portal and Ivy 's bonded selkie.


Sparklina has pale green skin and a dark blue tail. She has heart and star decals on her tail also. She wears a dark blue spiral shell shaped hat decorated by a pale yellow veil. She has a star inside a heart shape pattern on her forehead and hot-pink colored eyes.


Sparklina has a naive, hopefully personality. She always tried to look on the bright side of things and doesn't like to see people sad. She is also very determined and can be quealy at times. She lovs to be helpful and is very sweet.


Fan Series Movie: The Lost Fairy

According to Ivy, she and Sparklina bonded when Sparklina appeared with Willa, Trinity's selkie, after their powers had been drained by Eclipse, who was makin a few underwater evil rounds. Sparklina helps Ivy in a few situations, and even encounters her on Waves after it is restored thanks to Trinity.


  • Sparklina's name comes from the name "Valentina" and the word "sparkle"
  • Sparklina is one of two twin gatekeepers for Fantasy's ocean portal. The other being Sara's bonded selkie, Glitteara.
  • Despite not looking it, Sparklina speaks with a french accent

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