Aliana and her sisters are bonded to a family of seven pixies, each named after a gemstone.


Krysta, Pixie of Light Refractions (formerly bonded to Aurora)

Amethyst, Pixie of Elegance (bonded to Adriana)

Sapphire, Pixie of Calligraphy (bonded to Aria)

Amber, Pixie of Negotiations (bonded to Arisette)

Cobalt, Pixie of Exuberance (bonded to Annabelle)

Emerald, Pixie of Timidity (bonded to Annabeth)

Ruby, Pixie of Mischief (bonded to Aliana)


Krysta was the Pixie of Light Refractions; she was often found bouncing beams around the castle, trying to create rainbows. She was formerly bonded to Aurora, but when Aurora defected to join the Ice Witches, Krysta sank into a deep depression and has not used her powers in years. She is now found sitting on the windowsill in Aurora's old room, waiting for her fairy to return.


Amethyst is a very refined, poised pixie, and is often found reprimanding her more outgoing sisters. She and Adriana get along very well, and the two are often found sipping tea in the drawing room adjacent to the throne room.


Sapphire is the third-oldest of the Gem Sisters and is an artist with the ink brush. She is very absent minded and has been known to write all over the walls, floors, ceilings, and any hard surface she can find. This is right in step with her fairy, Aria, who is an absent minded artist that is always found in her studio.


As the most cutthroat of their sisters, Amber and Arisette get along quite well in cutting deals and making bargains during political meetings. The two are always in deep talks with each other and are never separated.


Always out there and still going, Cobalt is a planet-sized ball of energy in a tiny body. She and her fairy are responsible for drawing their sisters Emerald and Annabeth out of their shells.




  • Each Gem Sister was inspired by a Crystal Beast from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Series.
    • Krysta by the Rainbow Dragon
    • Sapphire by Sapphire Pegasus
    • Amethyst by Amethyst Cat
    • Amber by Amber Mammoth
    • Cobalt and Emerald by Cobalt Eagle and Emerald Turtle
    • Ruby by Ruby Carbuncle

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