Seraphina is the Fairy of Flames. Her home planet is Domino, where Bloom's daughter, Alis and her husband - Matt, rules. She is a member of the Chantix and is titled as "the flames that gives the Chantix courage and strength".

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She is the most friendliest girl in her realm. She is quite known for her friendliness and generosity. She is sometimes bitter and gets to be a burning flame when she's angry. Seraphina doesn't cry at times, since she is the fairy of Flames. She sometimes act like a boy, but that doesn't mean that she's a tomboy. If ever Seraphina is in rage, her eyes turn to fiery red.


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Seraphina has a red hair, pale skin complexion and blue eyes.

Her Season 1 outfit is a red tank top with two arm-like bracelets that holds her top. Her bottoms is a blue skirt, which is kind of short that ends at her thigh. She wears blue doll-shoes and two matching bracelets and she wears a clip that is shaped into a flower.

Powers and Abilities

Seraphina has the power over fire. It must be true that her powers also comes from Bloom's which is the Dragon Flame. She can control flames/fire and can absorb them. She can also make the flames do what she thinks/wishes in her mind. 


  • The name "Seraphina" means "burning ones" and has a Hebrew origin. Latin and feminine form of Hebrew Seraphim. In Jewish scriptures, the seraphim are the highest-ranking of angels of God (above angels, archangels, cherubim, etc.). They have six wings and are known for their zelous love. It is also a name of a fifth-century saint.
  • Seraphina's signature consist of a shade of red. 

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