Homeworld of Origin
Magical Abilities
Close/Open Vocalia's ocean portal
Bonded fairy
Voiced by (fandom)
Maxey Whitehead

Seaphony is the gatekeeper of Vocalia's ocean portal and Vanille's bonded selkie.


Seaphony has light gray skin with cyan eyes. She wears a hat that is a dark gray spiral-shaped shell, with yellow lines over it, which is connected to a headphone-like accessory. She has a dark gray body tail with yellow circles that represent echoes and sound waves. Her hat also has a pink veil.

The symbol in her forehead is a yellow eighth note with the sound wave shape inside.


Like Vanille, Seaphony loves to sing. She has a calm yet playful personality, but sometimes tends to be worried of others' safety.


  • Her colors are based off of Megurine Luka from Vocaloid.
  • Her voice turns vocal when she sings, if she chooses to.
  • Seaphony's name is a play of words on "Symphony" and "Sea".

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