Saving the Dance! is the second episode of Chantix Club


Early morning, Rosa and Eliana hurried to get to the dining hall. "Eliana, are you done?" "Just a second, Rosa. Done!" "C'mon!" Rosa grabs Eliana's arm. "Woah!" The two girls hurried to get inside the dining hall without Grizelda noticing. Grizelda did noticed them and the two girls were embarresed. Faragonda then announced that a dance will be ocurring tonight. Witches and Specialist were invited to the dance. 

"A dance! Ugh, I don't hate this!" said Melanie. Crystal thought of something... Then the word "sabotage" caught her eye! "How about we sabotage the dance?" The two witches noded and smiled coldly and then planed and search for the perfect spell. While the Chantix were dressing up, they did not noticed that the witches snuck in their dorms. "There's the box! Quick, cast the spell, and then let's go!". The Darcelix were in a hurry and they almost got caught. Rosa suddenly heard a noise and a bright light and saw nothing. Then, she felt that they were here. "The Darcelix. Girls, I feel that the witches are here." "They're here? Wherever they are, I hope they don't destroy this "perfect night" with the Specialists." Eliana said.

"You look stunning girls!" Mark astonishly said. "Thank you for the complement, boys." Eliana, in return, said. When it was time to dance, the witches finally released their attack, they first attacked the fairies then cast spell on the Specialist to make them fall in love with the witches. "Why are casting spells against the fairies and why are you hypnotizing the Specialists?", asked Cliona. "Why? Don't you like it Cliona? You can ask them to do whatever you want." "Girls, let's transform!" Rosa shouted. "Magic Chantix!"

"Rising Sunburst!" -Eliana. "Girls, we need them to be caged but first, we should distract 'em." -Rosa. "Cliona, we need your help! Can you distract the witches while we charge up?" "I'm on it!" -Cliona. "Boulder Shoot!" "Okay, use all of your powers. Then converge!" "Crystal Coffin!" Cliona was frozen except her head. "Now! Chantix Magic Convergence!" "Cliona, are you alright?"-Lyria. "Yes, I'm fine."-Cliona. "Ms. Faragonda! Ms. Faragonda!"-Eliana. "Oh, what happened here? Has a tornado hit you?"-Ms. Faragonda. "No, it was Crystal, Melanie and Nerieda's doing."-Kyla. "You ladies need some detention, eh. Cliona, I'm proud of what you done but you also need to be a little more destructive."-Griffin. "Yes, ma'am."-Cliona


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