First appearance
Elven kingdom.
Magix, Pixie Village
Veronica, the Elves, Felicitix Club
Bonded fairy
Turning things into playthings
Playing tricks, pranks

Samantha is a fictional character belong to Rose, please don’t make any edits, copy or try to claim her as yours, thanks! Veronica - 闇の姫 05:28, August 27, 2014 (UTC)


She has white skin, pointed ears, big blue eyes and red lips. Her hair is in orange color, and stays in a long ponytail that is curled at tips, and even cut-straight bangs.

She wears lime green traditional elven dress, with fluffy fleeces on the egdes, a golden star necklace, and matching curled-toe shoes.


She’s mischievous, carefree, kiddy and agile, but sometimes reckless and clumsy. She enjoys the fun but doesn’t care about people’s feelings. Because of that, it was thought to be hopeless when David asked her and Rosalinda to join force and help him.

She’s very loyal and protective, not just only to Veronica, but also her other bonders. Sometimes, that pulls her into danger.


  • She can turn a trick or prank from its first aim of funny to dirty trick on anyone, and she calls that the funniest pranks.
  • The name “Samantha” has English origin. It’s a feminine form of Hebrew word “Samuel” means “God heard”. It also contains the Greek “-antha” which means “flower”.

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