Aisha's royalix final

Ex. Aisha in her Royalix

Royalix is a fan transformation when a fairy is sent on a mission to save a pixie (or pixies), or a royal baby (ex. Rosie)


A fairy achieves this is when a pixie or a group of pixies has been kidnapped by a evil force or group (ex. the Trix). They, of course, also achieve this when a royal baby, like Rosie, is kidnapped.


Their appearance is frilly and they still have their Enchantix wings, only in alternate colors. They also have to have their hair up in a ponytail or not. They wear fingerless or non-fingerless gloves.

Powers and Ablilties

The fairy use only a staff when battling. However, if there is a risky life-or-death situation, their staffs turn into gemstones that holds fairy's powers for in case the fairy sacrifices their powers.

Known Users and their attacks

  1. Bloom: Dragon's Flame
  2. Stella: Sun's Supernova
  3. Flora: Nature's Spore
  4. Musa: Music's Beat
  5. Tecna: Technology's Block
  6. Aisha: Water's Wipeout
  7. Alicia: Phoenix's Blizzard

Other Known Users and their attacks

  1. Aliana: Tundra's Wrath


  • Royalix is based on Royal Patraine from Ojamajo Doremi (Magical DoReMi)

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