Princess Roxie
Voice by
Ariana Grande (Origianal/Italian)
Sara Camacho (Season 1)(Cinélume)
Peyton List(Season 2)
Laura Marano(Season 3)
Sara Camacho(Season 4)
Ariana Grande(Season 5)
Peyton List(Season 6)
Laura Marano(Nickelodeon)
Lenny,the kitten fairy pet
Laura,Pixie of Friendship
Mona,Selkie of the Harmee's gate.
First Appearence
Winx Club Magic of Friendship - Episode 101
14(Season 1)15(Season 2)15(Season 3)17(Season 4)18(Season 5)20(Season 6)
March 20th(Around Earth Day)
Harmee(Birth Planet),Japan,Earth
Winx Club,Specialist
Magical Abilities
Music Related
Nature Related
Peter(fiancé),Queen Marrissa and King Carmilies(birth parents),Dan and Belle(adopted parents),Cole(brother),Iris(birth sister),Rosanna "Rose"(birth sister)


Roxie is a shy and sweet girl with a lot of imagination.She is very creative and is willing to stand up to people who are mean.Roxie is just like her mom,brave and nice and tomboyish but changes her tomboyish ways in some seasons.


Roxie's birth home is Harmee but was brought to Japan to be safe and so she has some Japanese character traits.She has pale skin with long glossy and shiny black hair just like canon Roxie's with small black eyes like her mom.She has salmon pink lips and Roxie sometimes blushes a lot when she's embarrassed.



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