Hatchable oc 2 by sahrakimoto-d5lpzyf

Roxas bought from sahrakimoto on dA

Roxas Wintermoon is from Magix but she is a Lady of the Lunar Tribe on Deamonic. She's also the fairy of demons and Roxim Wintermoon's twin sister. She's seen in Season 2 of Winx Club: Codex, she does NOT replace anyone in the group nor does she join them.


Roxas was born on Magix and Roxim's twin. They were separated at birth when their parents went their different ways. She grew up on Magix with her mother, step father, and 3 step-sisters at their clothing store called Starry Magix. A very popular store with the fairies. At age 10 she felt something was missing from her life but didnt know what. As a sophomore at Alfea she finally found out what it was. Her sister, Roxim, since then they've been hanging out together.

Power and Abilities

Able to summon demons as well as use their essences for her attacks. She is most powerful at night just like her sister Roxim. Unlike Roxim's One summon per day she is able to summon them whenever needed.

Official Transformations

Hatchable oc 2 mw by sahrakimoto-d5m8x38

drawn by sahrakimoto on dA

Magic Winx

Roxas's magic winx consists of a red dress with a black jacket with a black belt. Her shoes are red and black and her wings are red and black too. Her favorite spell in this transformation is deamonic light. It's the only spell so far that is native to her father's world, Deamonic.

Spells: Demon essences, Deamonic light


OC bought from SahraKimoto on dA:

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