Rosalinda RoseXinh

Pixie, PopPixie
First appearance
Nice to meet you, Rosalinda
Magix, Pixie Village
Veronica, the Pixies, Felicitix Club
Bonded fairy
Nature controlling
Natural, flowers’, animals’ attacking
Animals summoning

Rosalinda is a fictional character belong to Rose, please do not make any edits, copy or try to claim her as yours, thanks! Veronica - 闇の姫 09:07, February 8, 2015 (UTC)



She has fair skin, big emerald eyes and pink lips, long brown hair with bangs. She wears a three-layered dress with a pale green stripe on her right shoulder and a red rose attached to the dress on her right chest. The first layer is pink, the second is hot pink and the last one is red. She also wears a pair of lime green pixie shoes. Her wings are pale green, with the above in shape of clover with curl while the below in a curl shape.




She is a bit shy, but sweet and kind, caring, romantic. And because of that, her feelings can be hurt easily from people around, or Veronica’s other bonders. In that case, only Veronica can comfort her. And just like the other bonders, Rosalinda is extremely loyal and protective to Veronica.


  • So far, when all the other transformations for pixies, elves and selkies are unknown, Rosalinda is the only bonder of Veronica that has an upgraded power.
  • Normally, she’s in her pixie form, but whenever Veronica needs extra help, she transforms into her pop pixie form.
  • The name “Rosalinda” has Old German origin, “Rosalinda” means “gentle horse”.

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