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Ramona Fay Cetello is the minor protagonist in the Miraclix Chronicles, she is also a member of Amorette's team, the Speed Wingettes. She is the fairy of electricity.

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Personality and Background

Ramona is the cheerful, energetic and essentric member of the Speed Wingettes. Also being a fan of tokusatsu shows, she attacks her opponents in animated and powerful ways. She is sweethearted, and doesn't really like other people fighting other ridiculous reasons.

Despite her personality, she was once an orphan who never knew her parents and was later adopted by married couple who already had two children. She first became influenced by live-action shows when her father took her to Magix for a special showing of the Fairy Rangers. She later wanted to learn how to fight, so she was taught martial arts and close combat.


Ramona has short light purple hair and dark orange eyes.


Ramona wears a dark blue jumpsuit with a red shirt and a lighting bolt on the pant leg and red and yellow knee high boots. She also sports red gloves.



Powers and Abilities

Ramona's powers revolves around electricity.


  1. Storm Mirage
  2. Charge Crasher
  3. Lighting Laser
  4. Electro Punch
  5. Lighting Strike
  6. Electro Cannon
  7. Electro Shot
  8. Lighting Kick


  • Full Name: Ramona Fay Cetello
  • Birthday: May 17th 
  • Favourite Food: Apple Pie
  • Favourite Color: Orange
  • Favourite Hobby: Dancing, LARPing/Roleplaying as a Fairy Ranger
  • Favourite Pet: Pandas
  • Ideal Boyfriend: TBA
  • Best Friend: Kyra and Amorette
  • Favourite Movies: Tokusatsu (Live Action)
  • Loves: Her adoptive family, her friends, Fairy Rangers, Tokusatsu, Speed Wingettes
  • Hates: Villains, being an outcast, people bickering
  • Favourite Genre of Books: Mystery, Manga
  • Favourite Genre of Music: Dubstep, J-Pop 
  • Favourite Shoes: Boots
  • Favourite Subject: Music Class
  • Favourite Spell: Electro Cannon
  • Quote(s): "Beware my electric power!"
  • Catchphrase(s): "Go Go, Electric Ranger!"


  • She is inspired by Mashiro Kuna from the popular shonen anime, Bleach.

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