Count Rafael de Leon
Rafe (everyone), Zorro (Ali)
Carambita, Magix Secret Service
March 15 (Phoenix)
16 (season 1), 17 (season 2), 18 (season 3), 19 (season 4), 20 (season 5), 21 (final season), 26 (epilogue)
Aliana Torvald (love interest), Cayenne de Leon (y. sister), Khary Stavros (best friend), Jesse Arkon, Kiran Singh, Joaquin and Esperanza de Leon (parents)
Black, red, gold, navy

Rafael de Leon is the highest ranked count on Carambita; a position he eventually passes to his younger sister Cayenne so he can continue his work with the Magix Secret Service.

Personality and Background


  • Full Name: Rafael Alejandro de Leon
  • Birthdate: March 15
  • Family: Esperanza de Leon (mother), Joaquin de Leon (father), Cayenne de Leon (younger sister), Maria de Leon (younger sister)
  • Talent(s): Combat, negotiations, ballroom dancing
  • Hobbies: Studying, training
  • Favorite food(s): Chocolate, paella, pomegranates
  • Favorite genre of books: Mysteries, spy novels
  • Favorite genre of music: Salsa, film scores
  • Favorite movies: Film noir
  • Favorite places: Underneath his family's manor, the ballroom
  • Best friends: Khary Stavros
  • Ideal Girlfriend: Aliana Torvald
  • Favorite color: Black and red
  • Loves: Dancing, warm places, traveling, his sisters, food, the beach, researching, having a big family
  • Hates: Anyone who threatens the people he cares for, excesses of sugar, rap music, Leopold Ferrell, pink, having nothing to do
  • Fears: Not being strong enough to protect those he cares about, heights (has overcome this in recent years)
  • Favorite subjects: Diplomacy
  • Favorite weapon(s): Rapier
  • Catchphrase(s): "You try it. I dare you, idiota."


Previous to Season 5

Rafael did not attend Red Fountain, much to his father's chagrin, instead training himself in the forgotten arena underneath the family manor. He would visit Ali in Magix on weekends up until her junior year, when she became caught up in her sister's healing. Becoming good friends with Khary, Kiran's boyfriend, he was able to keep tabs on Ali and was prepared to offer his assistance should she need it. Nevertheless, they would not see each other again until her graduate year at Alfea.

Season 5

Rafael makes his first appearance in Ali's last year at Alfea, when she, Kiran, and Venetia make their way to Carambita in search of a Sirenix Gem. According to Ali, he was an awkward, short, gawky young child and teenager; his new appearance is a shock to Ali, as he is tall, handsome, and quite a flirt.

Later in the garden of the manor, Ali finds him by the fountain they played in as children, where she confesses her love for him, and he for her. Unfortunately, she has to leave the next morning in her quest for the last gem. He bids her farewell, after making her promise to save a dance for him at Alfea's ball.

He is later shown on the banks of the Infinite Ocean with the rest of the guys, waiting for the girls; Khary went and enlisted his help in the fight on the shores.







Powers and Abilities


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