Mary is a Sweet Person and Cares for Her Friends. She is the Leader of Magix Club and the Princess of Roseland.

16(Season 1)

17(Season 2) 18(Season 3)

19(Season 4)
Fairy Colors
Samuel(Boyfriend,Future Husband)
Bonded Pixie
Roseanna,Pixie of Blossoms
King Sam and Queen Maggie(Birth

Parents)Mr and Mrs Collins(Adoptive Parents)Kiki(Sister)Madison

(Future Daughter)
Alfea,Magix Club
Social Status
Princess of Roseland Queen of Roseland
Lily the Kitten
Bonded Pescies
Rosa, The Gatekeeper of The Roseland River


  • Full Name: Princess Mary-Rose Collins
  • Birthdate: 18th August
  • Family: Mr and Mrs Collins(Adoptive Parents), King Sam and Queen Maggie(Birth Parents), Kiki(Sister)
  • Talents: Singing, Dancing
  • Hobbies: Making Jewellery, Painting, Planting Flowers
  • Favourite Food: Raspberry Ice Cream With Chocolate Sprinkles, Strawberries and Cream, Fruit Salad
  • Favourite Kind of Books: Fantasy
  • Favourite Kind of Music: Peaceful, Pop
  • Favourite Movies: Fantasy, Scary
  • Favourite Places: Magix City, The Royal Roseland Garden, Linphea, Oceania, Alfea
  • Best Friends: Amy and Samuel
  • Love Interest: Samuel
  • Favourite Colors: Red, Pink
  • Pets: Lily the Kitten, Rosy the Unicorn, Golden Sparkles the Goldfish, Polly the Bunny
  • Loves: Samuel, Being a Fairy, My Friends, Samuel, Red, Roses
  • Hates: Clare, The Darkies, Roses Dying, Being Mad or Sad, Arguements, Having Bad Dreams
  • Fears: Spiders, Wasps, Heights
  • Favourite Kind of Shoes: Comfy, Colorful Shoes
  • Favourite Kind of Outfits: A Colorful Sundress
  • Favourite Subjects: Maths, Art
  • Favourite Spells: Rose Protect, Rose Surround, Enchantix Red Rose
  • Catchphrase: " Roses Rule!"


Mary is Quiet, Nice and Loves Adventures. She Loves to be With Roses and Flowers.



Mary is the Second Daughter of King Sam and Queen Maggie of Roseland, and a Sister to Kiki as well as the Keeper of The Rose, Which her Older Sister, Kiki, Passed away to her upon her Birth. When She was a Baby, her Kingdom was Attacked by the Ancient Witches, Tom, and Dragondrea who ended Roseland by turning it into a Cold, Frozen Planet. Kiki, Unable to Stop the Witches, Sent Mary to Earth to Keep Mary and The Rose Safe, and Ended up getting Killed by The Ancient Witches, and From That Day, King Sam and Queen Maggie Believed that Both Their Daughters were Dead. On Earth, Mary Appeared in a Building that was on Fire. Thomas, her Adoptive Father, Saved her and Decided to Adopt her. When He got Home, Amanda, her Adoptive Mother, Was Delighted. Mary Grew up to be a Kind Child, but She Didn't have any Friends, and Got Bullied. When She was 10, Mary got Lily, a Gray and White Kitten as a Present. She Didn't like Amber Ziggins, Her High-School Bully at all, Because She Made Fun of Lily at Elementury School, So Lily Didn't Like her at all as Well.

Season 1

Magix Club: Premiere Special

The Darkies Revenge

The Great Battle for Magix

Season 2

The Black Swan

Season 3

The Special Secret of the Kingdom (First Movie)

Season 4

Return to Roseland (Second Movie)

Season 5

Ocean Adventure (Third Movie)


Mary is a Girl with Shoulder-Length Orange Hair, Pale Skin, and Deep Blue Eyes.


Her Daily Outfit in the First Season and Early Season Two is a Red Sleeve-Less Top, Red Mini-Skirt, and Red Sandals. She Wears a Red Bow in Her Hair.

Younger Years









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