Princess Alexa of Glitterland is the Fairy of Glitter and Style and the youngest princess of Glitterland. She is Galaxy's best friend.                                           

Princess Alexa
Alex, Al
16 - 23
Fairy Colours

Lavender Dark Purple

Powers and Abilities
Glitter and Style
Queen Alexandra (Mother)

King Alexander (Father) Princess Mariella, Bimi and Caitlyn (Sisters)

Stella (Cousin)
Social Status
Princess of Glitterland

Member of Fluffix Club

Queen of Glitterland
Glitterland Glitterland Palace
Bonded Pet
Helen the Hummingbird and Izzie the Kitten
Bonded Pixie
Happy, Pixie of Happiness and Joy


Alexa was born in Glitterland, and had a wonderful childhood. Her palace had a big garden with a stable and Alexa had a white horse called Diamond. She usually played with her sister Bimi in her spare time and she told Alexa how to control her magic. Alexa went to Glitterland Academy, a girls boarding school and had classes about maths, spelling, learning first-aid and controlling magic for starters. She had a best friend called Joan, who had glasses and couldn't control her magic, but she broke her leg playing races with Alexa and Alexa's other friends. Alexa was unhappy, and left school, getting teached by Bimi and Caitlyn.

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