Let Your Imagination begin is the first episode of the Petitix Club series.


Creona City, a city filled with creativity and wonder. Enthusiastic people, young and old, come to this city for it's bright and peaceful culture. A girl from another town, gets to experience the city as it will be her new-found home full of excitement and adventure.

"We're just a few miles ahead into the city. This feels like one of our family road trips, only this is permanent!" Her mother replied as she read the map.

"To be honest, I really don't miss our old town at all." Her father spoke as he continued to drive.

"But you do miss your old working partners, right?"

"Of course, I do miss hanging out with the guys, and you and your book club members. But what's important that we'll make a fresh new start. Besides, we're not the only ones that are this thrilled to move out of town." The man looked in his rear view mirror to find his daughter in the backseat looking out her window excited for living in the city.

"Anya, are you ready for the big city?"

"Are you kidding? I've been waiting for my whole life to live in a city like this!" She said with excitement

"We'll take that as a yes." Her mother giggled

As Anya rolled down her window, she peeped her head out, with the wind blowing in her face and flowing through her long black hair shouting: "Goooood morning, Creona City!!"

Opening Song

As the Engelson family drives up in a lively neighborhood into the driveway of their new home, the moving trucks that followed them unloaded and helped moved the boxes into the house.

"Wow, Creona City. Out of all of the places, this has got to be the best place in the world to live!" Anya gleefully bounced

"That's great, sweetheart. But umm...could you help me with these?" Her father couldn't hold some of the boxes for long, so Anya grabbed most of it to keep her father from losing his grip. "Thank you."

"No prob!"

"Anya, why don't you check out your new room?" Her mother suggested

"Oh yeah!" When she hurriedly ran inside along with some of the boxes still in her hands, she entered into her spacious new room. The room had a seafoam green color which was great for spring time weather, and a window that displays the neighborhood and the blue skies.

"It's amazing. Roomy, the color looks good but it should be at least a light pink or peach pink....but who cares! My room looks awesome! And the view looks great."

She places the boxes down and opened the window, a gentle breeze blew inside and flowing her hair.

"Just think, yesterday, we lived in a small town. Now, i'm a city girl!"

Hours after arranging around the house, Anya finished decorating her room and asked her mother and father to explore the city.

"Mom, Dad! Can I go into the city?"

"Right now?" Her father questioned, "Don't you want to rest up, kiddo?"

"And besides it's a very large city, we're worried if you might get lost." Her mother spoke

"Don't worry about me. And besides i've been waiting to go out and explore what awaits in Creona. I'll ask someone for help if something happens. Later!"

"Wait, Anya!" Her mother called, but it was too late. The girl had already left outside to explore the city.

"Oh Greg, what'll we do?"

"I know, I'm worried too, Carol. But, she's getting older now, it's time to let her make her own decisions."

"I know. But, i'm always concerned about her safety. Even if she is a teenager."

Outside in the neighborhood, Anya walked passed a few houses as she was excited about going in the city.

"Oh my gosh, I so cannot wait! Imagine, going into the city, everyone staring at you as you were different from the others. 'Who's that girl?' they say, 'What's her name?', 'She's a mystery', 'She must be a celebrity, no! Someone important!'"

"You really are creative." Someone giggled behind Anya, as Anya turned around, she sees a teenage girl who is the same age as her. She had fair skin, dark orange hair styled into two braids, she wore glasses and wore spring clothing consisting of a green striped top and shorts. She was also holding a ball in her hands.

"Hi, you must be our new neighbor."

"Oh, yeah. I'm Anya." She held out her hand

"I'm Leah. Nice to meet you!" She shook Anya's hand, "So what's with the 'Who's that girl' thing you were doing?"

"Well, you may never know what to expect, so I try to imagine what might happen to me. Maybe if I make cool friends, or be popular and make cool friends or both and a handsome boyfriend!"

"You really have one weird imagination, but in a good way." Leah smiled, "But trust me, kid. It's not like how you imagine, you may make friends but the rest, i'm not so sure. Creona may have all the lively glitz and glamour, but you do have to have the truth sometimes."

"I know, but it never hurts to dream, right?"

"Hey, where'd you get the pendant?" Leah noticed Anya's heart shaped key-like pendant.

"Oh, I got it for my birthday. I had it for about....since I was 10."

"Whoa, five years. Hard to tell, it still looks brand new."

"Yeah, something about it just make me not want to take it off. It's not just valuable, it just feels like a part of me. It may sound weird but it's true."

"Treasure it everyday. That's what my grandma would say." She smiled

"Hey! Leah! Bring back the ball!" A little girl shouted in other yard

"Who's that?"

"My sister Rachel. I gotta head back, later Anya!"

"Wait! Leah!"


"I don't suppose you have a you?"

"Trying to go into the big city?"


"Hold on, i'll be back in a minute." Leah handed her ball over to her sister and ran inside her house to find a map to the city.

In the city park, a small poodle with a large baby blue bow and a silver heart shaped medallion and fairy wings scampered around the area to find something.

"Oh my, they have to be here somewhere." It spoke quietly

Meanwhile in the city, Anya took the directions that was on the map Leah gave her to borrow. She also remembered something else from her:

"Oh, by the way, stop by at the Magic Sweets Bakery, their cakes are really good. Like expert good or something."

"Magic Sweets Bakery, should be on the....right. Near Quickstop Cafe."

At the bakery, everyone was excited to see what the baker was about to create next. The baker was actually a dark skinned girl with curly hair accessorized with a yellow bow and wearing a orange and yellow dress with white bows decorated. Her cake was pink and red on the inside, while on the outside the fondant was pink and red swirl.

"Ta da! A strawberry plus red velvet cake, I call it the 'Red Surprise'!"

Everyone in the bakery applauded and was in awe about her new and large creation.

"Would anyone like some? It's on the house!"

A middle aged woman with curly hair cut slices of the cake and passed it around to the crowd. During this, a teenage girl with tan skin and dark brown hair styled in two ponytails walks up towards the counter.

"Hi! May I help you?"

"I would like the usual carrot cake please."

"Would you like some of the 'Red Surprise' cake?"

"Okay, sure."

The baker handed the Latin girl a slice of carrot cake and her new cake in a To Go box.

"Thank you and come again!"


Outside the bakery, Anya spotted the building and walked past the girl with the tan skin, in which the Latin girl looked back with curiosity but carried on. Anya walked inside to find a crowd eating cake.

"Whoa, this is quite the day crowd."

"Hey!" The baker girl waved with cheer, "Welcome to Magic Sweets Bakery, where desserts are deliciously and delightfully magical! I haven't seen you around here, did you just move here? Or are you coming for a visit?"

"Yeah, I actually moved here. Someone told me about this bakery, and I was wondering if I could try at least one slice of cake?"

"You're in luck! Try my new creation, I call it the 'Red Surprise', and it's on the house!" The girl handed Anya a piece of her red cake.

"Whoa! Is this red velvet? But it kinda tastes like strawberry."

"It's actually both!" She smiled

"I can see why it's called a surprise. Do you have a To Go box?"

"Sure, here you go."


"Thank you and come again!" The baker girl waved, "I forgot! I didn't get her name. Oh well, maybe next time."

On top of a high building, was a young woman with very tanned skin, bleach blonde hair, and black dress attire with fur leggings.

"Creona City. It reeks of creativity and dreams, I can't stand looking at those gullible happy faces. That prissy little mutt better be around here somewhere."

Meanwhile, Anya explored more around the city, she was in awe about everything in her sight. People playing music in creative ways, dancing, chalk art, people with the most whimsical fashion, the city was everything.

"Whoa! The Stardom Stage Theater! I've heard about this one, It's first musical was Cinderella. Now it's famous because of how amazing the performance was." She looked up at the sight of the known theatre.

"This is incredible! The music! The people! I'm so glad to be a city girl!"

"Umm excuse me?" A voice called behind Anya spoke, she turned around and saw a group of teenage girls snickering at her.

"Sorry! I got too excited, didn't I?" Anya replied

"Very. And why is this city exciting to you, exactly? Unless, you're a country girl."

"Well actually I just move here and....."

"I don't care where you come from, here we don't how do you country people say, 'hootin and hollerin'?"

While walking near the park, two girls, one with blonde hair and one with black hair, overheard the group's conversation.

"We don't really say that, but I just like new things you know. I can't help but to be excited and happy. " She smiled, "Oh! Would you like to be friends? My name is.....

"Uh, no. Just keep it to yourself, country girl." As the popular girl and her group walked away from the girl, Anya looked at her key and clutched it in her hand near her heart.

"Don't worry, I can make friends. Today is going to be a good day. I hope."

"Hey, you okay?" The blonde asked while holding the other girl's hand

"Yeah, don't worry they don't get to me. Like the saying goes, sticks and stones, you know?" Anya answered

"I'm glad to hear that you are alright." The black haired girl replied with a quiet voice

"I almost forgot! My name is Anya, I just moved here."

"I'm Reagan," The blonde answered, "and this is my sister Mamie."

"It's very nice to meet you, Anya." Mamie reached her hand out to Anya

"Same here!" She shook hands with the other

"That's Jessica, she's not very friendly, or very bright." The eldest replied

"Oh, It's good to know."

"She does say cruel things sometimes, but we usually ignore it." Mamie said

"You two get bullied?"

"Yeah," Reagan replied, "She mostly bullies Mamie, but I always defend her."

"That's good." Anya said, "I um......"

"Get it together Anya, you can do this!" She thought

"I was wondering if we could be bffs!" Before Anya could finish, Regan had already left.

"It was nice to meet you. See ya later." Reagan waved as she and her sister walked away.

"Okay, later." Anya awkwardly waved.

For a while, Anya was resting and enjoying the cool breeze at the city park underneath a tree while sitting on a bench.

"What am I doing wrong?" She said, "This place might be more different than I thought."

Anya imagined having several friends surrounding her, and strangely in her dream, she was located in a ball, and had on a princess like dress along with the other girls.

"You're the best, Anya!"

"Where did you get that dress, that's so you!"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Of course! He said he'd have a surprise for me."


"You're so lucky, Anya!"

Then a handsome male with long blonde hair in a hair tie appeared in a prince like attire, and carried a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

"For you my princess, a lovely bouquet just for you and only you."

"Oh my prince, you're so romantic."

"Shall we dance, my lady?"

"Why of course you may."

As the two danced everyone was in awe as Anya and her prince waltzed around the dance floor. However in reality, Anya recites her fingers back and forth as if she were conducting music from her head. She woke up realizing this and receives some looks, but other people carried on.

"I probably should be more careful next time I do that. Why am I so awkward? I wish I could be like those princesses in the stories, they have it good. And if I'm princess material."

Suddenly, the white poodle from earlier fell from the tree and onto the girl's head, which caused her to be frantic.

"What's on my head?! What's on my head?!" She removed the poodle from her head.

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." It whispered with a fluent french accent, which scared Anya even more.

"Oh my gosh, you can talk?!?" Anya's shouting made everyone hear, but the poodle tried it's best to quiet her.

"Please, don't be so loud." It begged, "I know this my may be scary, but I mean no harm."

"H-how...." But after seeing more strange looks, Anya created a distraction so that she can escape into the forest.

"I'm practicing my puppetering act! Anya and uhh...."


"Anya and the amazing BeBe! I'll....get back to you in a sec." With that she escaped from the other civilians and into the forest.

"So, your name is BeBe?"

"Oui. I am the princess of a place known as Heartland Kingdom."

"Let me get this straight, you're a talking poodle and you're a prin-.....A PRINCESS?!? An actual princess, no way!" She suddenly said happily

"Oui, My full name is Belle Bijou Genevieve. But I would like to be shortened as 'BeBe', please."

"Why do you have wings?"

"I am a fairy pet. Fairy pets are far from ordinary pets, we have magic and can fly." She giggled, "Fairy pets used to be around here on Earth years ago."

"Wait, years ago?"

"Correct. There were a group of fairies who came here to bring magic back on Earth. They are called the Winx Club."

"The Winx Club? I kinda remember about people saying that fairies came to Gardenia once. That was when I was little."

"Not only that, there were other fairies that came along also. There were a recent team of fairies that came here along with the others to save the world from a chaotic being."

"So are you saying there are fairies here on Earth now?"

"Currently yes. I am finding fairies here too, in the city."

"People might think accepting an offer from a magic poodle is strange, but I am so in! Where do we start?"

"My, you are very enthusiastic." BeBe giggled

"But wait, why did you come all the way from your kingdom to here anyways?"

"Alias, my kingdom was destroyed by an evil queen. Her name is Nightmaress, she and her subordinates reside in their kingdom, in which they call the Morte Empire."

"Morte Empire? So which one do we have to avoid the most?"

"All of them."

"Okay, that's one thing down. So where do we find these fairies?"

"You see I'm not quite sure...."

"Well, well, well." The bleach blonde appeared in the trees, "So the pretty little princess found a random human, I see."

"Oh no, Adora!" BeBe said


"Oh you've never heard of me, human? As you can see I am the fabulous diva of the Morte Empire, and one of Nightmaress's most favorite subordinates."

"Why do you have fairy wings? I thought fairies were good."

"Ahahahaha! Darling, not ALL fairies are good. Some magical beings prefer being a fairy, some being a witch, and rare cases like myself, is both. All of this chatting is boring me, how about we cut to the chase."

"Good idea, RUN!"

"Not literally! Come back here!" Anya and BeBe ran out of the forest and onto the field where everyone continued their activities, but behind them was the dark fairy. Adora then spotted Leah and her sister entering the park, that's when she had an idea, a sinister one.

"Anya?" Leah said

"Leah! Watch out! Get away!"

"Perfect, my first target of Earth." Adora held up a black key in the shape of a skull, "Nightmare key, reveal her heart!"

Adora looked inside Leah's heart to reveal her dream to being a soccer player and teaching kids how to play sports.

"Sports? Why can't you be like normal girls and go shopping? Whatever the case, break her dreams and arise, Desperon!"

Leah was unconscious and encased inside a giant cage with a dark aura surrounding her, while her dreams were turned into a giant monster in the attire of a soccer player.

"W-what in the world?" Anya was scared and had no idea what that monster was.

"Oh dear, it's just as I feared! Anya, this monster is called a Desperon. It is created by broken dreams, at some point someone doubted Leah's ability to becoming a known sports player." BeBe spoke

"Well what do we do??"

The monster attacked as it slammed its fists down to the ground to crush Anya, but she dodged before the fists had time to land. This led to a chase between the girl and the Desperon. However, Anya fell, and it landed to a halt.

"Ahahahaha! Look at you, two helpless sitting ducks that can't even scratch my monster." Adora laughed, "Face it, human. You're useless. Dreams are nothing but just the little things that fade away."

Hidden around the corner was the latin girl from earlier, she wanted to go after the monster but sees Anya in the middle of it.

"You're wrong! Dreams are something that someone truly desires, it's also something that make us happy. Dreams can be creative and fun, we can imagine what we want in life. It can even come true as long as we have the patience to do so. I don't care if you are a bad guy or whatever, you can't just destroy the city or even go so far as to use someone's dreams to create your monsters! That is so low even for you!"

"Is that all you're going to lecture me about? I don't have time for your foolishness. Attack my pet!"

"If that's the way you want to do it, fine! But no matter what I will want to always defend our dreams! Even if I am a human! So bring it!"

Suddenly, as her pendant glowed, a pink aura in the shape of a storybook reveals a heart-shaped device in front of Anya.

"Umm....what is this?"

"It's a Prin-Charm, Mon ami!" BeBe spoke

"Princess what?"

"It's a transformation device that allows you to transform into a fairy."

"But what do I say?"

"Just be calm and it'll come to you."

"Okay." When Anya closed her eyes she tried imagining herself as a fairy, when she did, she quickly opened her eyes and replied with the words that came to her. She pressed her item on and said:

"Let's Create, Magic Petitix!"

Anya held a pink storybook in her hand and surrounded herself with the glowing storybook pages. The pages then wrapped around her body forming a peach pink midriff with frills, a light pink skirt, and white boots and gloves. Her pendant, still in tact now on her dress. Her hair then transforms from short black hair with a one side ponytail to a long wavy light blonde hair with pink ombre and streaks. Her seafoam green wings formed from the back. She then lands on the storybook and introduces herself.

"The Enchanting Imagination, I am Anya, Fairy of fairytales!"

Anya's appearance was beautiful, as the wind gracefully blows her long yet magical hair. The dark fairy was left baffled by the sight of her, and yet slightly jealous. The latin girl was even surprised by her appearance.

"Whoa. I'm a fairy? Oh my gosh, this is amazing!! I thought it was going to be flowery for fairies. At least that's what I saw in one of my storybooks." Anya said

"Oh you have magic now, so what?" Adora spoke bitterly, "Destroy her, Desperon!"

The monster charged forward and kicked the giant ball at the fairy, sending her to the sky. Without knowing she used her wings however, but was still confused on how she's still in the air. Not only that she was also frightened.

"WHAT!? How did I get so high!?!?" She looked and saw her wings, "I'm actually flying. I can't believe i'm actually flying!"

When an incoming ball came at her, Anya grabbed the ball without thinking, but had an idea while it was still in her hand.

"Oh no you don't! Not this time!" She threw the ball down at a rapid speed, and luckily it targeted and hits the monster.

"How did she..??" Adora said

"INCOMING!!" Anya speeds towards the Desperon and punched the monster hard, sending it tumbling away.

"Anya! Quick, use a purification attack!" BeBe said

"Purification attack?"

"Yes, you must purify the Desperon in order to set the captured free."

"Alright. How do I do this? C'mon fairy power!" Anya formed the storybook, which summoned more glowing pages that surrounded the monster and above it was a large clock, "Storybook Reverie!"

The pages then hit the monster, lastly the clock struck twelve, purifying the monster in progress.

"As the clock strikes twelve, your reign of terror is over." Anya spoke lastly

After the monster was purified, the lock on Leah's cage turned pink and sets her free.

"How boring, and I was just having fun too. You will pay for the day you messed with moi!" Adora disappeared and teleported back to her headquarters.

"Leah!" Anya rushed over to the girl's side

"She will regain her consciousness soon. Do not worry, Mon ami." BeBe responded

"I just hope so."

"Anya, you must know that for now you have to keep your identity a secret."

"But with me shouting out my name while transforming, wouldn't anyone know?"

"Leah!" Leah's sister and her little friends came out from hiding and saw her sister laying beside the fairy.

"Is Leah alright, miss fairy?" Rachel said

"Yeah, she just needed some rest." Anya responded with a calming yet concerned voice.

"What about the monster?" One of Rachel's friends said

"It's gone for now." Anya said

Leah finally awakened from her unconsciousness, leaving her sister and the other children relieved.

"W...what happened?" She spoke

"Leah! You're okay!" Rachel hugged her sister

"Thanks sis, I glad to see you." She hugged her back, "But seriously, what happened?"

"There was this giant monster!" A boy said

"It was ginormous!" Another one of Rachel's friends said

"But the fairy lady saved us!"

"Fairy lady?" Leah saw Anya's fairy appearance and couldn't believe her eyes, "Wait! A-a fairy? What?"

"Yeah, It's hard to believe really. But, I gotta go. Take good care!" As she grabbed BeBe, Anya flew out of sight, leaving Leah and the kids in awe.

"Good bye, fairy lady!"

"I hope you come back soon!"

Anya flew somewhere into the forest where she can revert back into her civilian form, however, she didn't know how.

"Uh BeBe, one question."

"Hm? What is that?"

"How do I get out of these clothes?? Am I going to stay in it forever??"

"Calm down, Anya. Press the heart shaped key in the middle."

"Okay....oh, my pendant can stay on this outfit too?" Anya presses her key and reverted back into her civilian.

"Oh wait! How am I going to explain this to mom and dad when I bring magical talking dog home!?"

"Fairy pet."

Meanwhile, the sun was nearly setting, Anya finally came back home, along with BeBe hidden behind her. When she entered, her parents caught her before she runs to the stairs.

"Hey! That was quite a long day!" Her father said happily

"How was your day?" Her mother spoke

"Good! Just good! Great! Awesome! Later." She spoke nervously

"Wait! Not so fast, kiddo."

"Tell us about your day. Did you make any friends?"

" could say that." She said

"By the way, you will be starting in your new school next week!" Carol said

"Awesome! You know what, I am super tired so maybe we can discuss this tomorrow?"

"Anya, you still didn't tell us about your whole day." Greg said

"I made friends, ate free cake, went to the park, good night!"

"You haven't had any dinner."

"I'm going to change into my pajamas!"

In her new room, Anya placed BeBe on her bed. While she changed into her pajamas, BeBe roamed around her room.

"Okay, my parents can't find you out, so maybe you should act like one of those stuffed animals."

"Does your parents like pets around?"

"We did had a cat one time, plus Mom likes to watch dog shows with small dogs...."

"Maybe we should tell her that you adopted me?"

"No, no, no, no, no. I can't tell them I adopted you, besides, who knows how they react. Also you said to keep my secret identity a secret, so let's say we keep your identity a secret too."

"It is possible, but what happens if I sneeze? Or make a sudden movement? Oh dear."

"Don't worry, BeBe. I'm sure we'll figure out something. You should rest, you had as much of a long day as I did."

"Thank you, Anya."

After dinner, Anya and BeBe had a good night's rest. The next day, Anya quickly ate breakfast and head outside.

"Where are you going, dear?" Carol asked

"Just going out to get some fresh air, love you!"

"She really is a go-getter this week."

"Can't blame her. Yesterday I felt a burst of excitement in the air! As odd as that sounds." Greg replied, "Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we try those new dances young people are doing nowadays?"

"Greg, that sounds fun but what the kids are doing? I'm not quite sure about that."

"Aww c'mon, Carol. Not like the average kids, I meant the kids of this city. I saw how the kids dance and trust me, it is very different from today's dancing."

"Alright, if you insist."

Meanwhile in the forest, near the city park, Anya imagines herself as a fairy again. In the fantasy, while in her fairy form, she attacks the Desperon from the day before and purifies it. Adora, different from her reality, becomes cowardly and dramatic.

"No! My precious monster! It was my only hope in defeating you, but I guess you've proven me wrong." Adora kneeled in defeat

"So do you surrender, Adora?" Fantasy Anya replied with confidence

"Yes. I surrender, just please don't hurt me! Please!" She wimpered and pleaded

"Then I, Anya, princess and fairy of fairytales have saved the world from your reign of terror."

"Anya, you're amazing!" Someone from the fantasy crowd yelled

"Way to go, Anya!"

"We love you princess!"

"Thank you, thank you all. As the clock strikes twelve, we shall celebrate at the royal ball!" Her speech made the whole crowd cheer. Meanwhile in reality, in her civilian form, Anya was dancing while imagining herself as a fairy princess, while BeBe watched.

"Oh my gosh, BeBe, did you see how incredible I was? I was like 'Fairy power! Storybook Reverie!'"

"Yes, indeed, I saw." BeBe nodded

"And the way I send him tumbling with a punch like that? And oh my gosh, that fight was awesome!"

"That was horrible!" A voice said behind Anya. As she turned around she was startled as sees the latin girl standing there with unimpressed and annoyed expression.

"H-how long have you've been standing there?"


  • Anya
  • Citrus
  • Honey
  • Regan
  • Mamie
  • BeBe


  • Adora


  • The Chargix Club were mentioned as BeBe explained about a "recent team of fairies".

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