Spirit Dimension guardian
Aiyanna, Pixie of Gardens

Pallasia is the fifth Spirit Dimension guardian fairy, and represent Zenith. She is the fairy of intellegence.

Personality and Background

Living up to her title, Pallasia is a helpful and strategic character. She is very respectful and very loyal towards the guardians, Cyrene and even Tecna. Because of her strategic personality, she never misses a soul's detection when using her powers. Despite this, she is also pragmatic.

Before becoming a guardian, Pallasia was a straight A student in the Zenith Academy for young intellects. She is always taking care of her siblings, Claira, Jason, Arthur and Amelia, while her parents were always busy at work. While at the academy, Pallasia later met another straight A student named Venelly, whom she befriended. But after hearing about a disaster in one lab, Pallasia later ran into Venelly, only to realizing that she was not the student that Pallasia knew anymore.



Powers and Ablilties

"I am the intellegence that stratgizes the souls."

  • Ranging Eye
  • Mind Barrage 
  • Mind Spirit
  • Intellect Aim
  • Magical Scan
  • Intellect Fusion


  • Pallasia is based on Nanao Ise from Bleach.

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