Princess Noelle-niala Aria

Daughter of aurora

16(season 2)

19(season 4)

22(season 5)
birth sign
social status
princess of Luminisk
elliris pixie of summer
fairy,winter nymph

princess Noelle-niala Aria is a fairy/snow nymph hybrid and is the 3 member of the pheonix club. her name mean she who carries the beauty of winter in luminiskan language but in earth it means ice,snow.


Noelle is spunky,anti-social and rude but usually helps her friends through battles. when you really get to know her she dosen't seem to be so rude but acuatlly nice and friendly.


  • Favourite Food: warm pasta
  • Favourite Colour: violet/blue
  • Favourite Hobbies: singing,ballet,being rude/friendly
  • Favourite Pet: KiKi the cat
  • Ideal Boyfriend: none
  • Best Friends: Laila
  • Favourite Movies: fantasy and romance
  • Loves: dreams,being moody
  • Hates: nightmare,being popular
  • Favourite Music: soft music,pop(at a party)
  • Favourite Shoes: Flats
  • Favourite Subjects: english and art
  • Favourite Spell: Frost leaves of beauty


Noelle eyes are dark lavander and are shown to be very bright. her skin is fair but sometimes gets pale,as she lives in an artic palanet she usually goes to a warmer planet to brighten up her pale skin. noelles hair is grey/silver and flips over her left eye.


she wears a purple white-furred jumperwith a sky blue furred hood.she also appears to have blue leggings and purple white heeled shoes.on her arm she has a white armband.


noelles winx consists of a purple and blue puffy dress with a white trimming,her boots are knee length and contain the colours white and silver. her hair is fully shown yet still covers one eye,her armband is also doubled and added to both wrists.


her charmix includes a grey circle shaped pin with one dark saphire in the middle and a purple and gold hip-bag.


noelles outfit includes a green and blue heart shaped top that is also short. her skirt reachs her knees and has split sides trimmed in lime-green and coloured in indigo and pinkish-purple. and her white footless sandles are decorated in saphire jewels. her hair grows shin length and no longer covers her eye but it is plaited.


her believix consists of a unique circlular pink and violet outfit,blue transparent socks that are overlapped by shorter sockes of the same colour. noelles boots are dark green,blue and silver and have gold accents. her gloves are pink ,translucent fingerless gloves. her hair is shin length and has two side ponytails both opposite sides held by jeweld bands



Mew Mew Power Kiki Transformation-000:23

Mew Mew Power Kiki Transformation-0

noelle's enchantix theme

Princess Kraehe Transformation01:12

Princess Kraehe Transformation

noelle's beliveix theme

Mew mew power - Zoey transformation GOOD QUALITY-000:31

Mew mew power - Zoey transformation GOOD QUALITY-0

noelle's winx transformation theme

Magical DoReMi - Transform Dorie-000:17

Magical DoReMi - Transform Dorie-0

noelle's charmix theme

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