This is the second episode of the Miraclix Chronicles.

Meet and Greet

"Hello. You must be our new roommate, very nice to meet you. My name is Renajene." The polite girl said

"Hi! I'm Milla Jane! How are ya'?" The upbeat girl said

"Hey, the name's Mavis, nice to meet cha'." The blonde replied

"They all seem different, from what i'd expect. But hey, at least they're friendly." Stephanie thought. "Umm..hi, I'm Stephanie."

Opening Song

"Where are you from?" Milla Jane asked

"I'm from Cosmos."

"COSMOS?!" The three said

"Yep, the same reaction." Stephanie thought, "Yeah."

"I heard Cosmos is so beautiful. You must be the princess, right?" Renajene says

"Yeah. Well..if you also count my sisters. Amorette and Ellie are princesses too."

"They don't bug you like my sister does, do they?" Milla asked

"They're pretty crazy. Ellie explores off just anywhere, and Amorette basically ignores me when ever I need help around the palace."

"They sound hilarious! You're lucky, I have three brothers." Renajene giggled

"I wouldn't say lucky. What about you, umm..Mavis?"

"Oh yeah! I have a sister, her name's Lorelei and she attends Alfea here like me." Mavis replied


"Yeah, Lorelei is the top of her class. She acheived her Enchantix in no time!" Milla said

"I still couldn't get over it myself, that was the most amazing day ever!" Mavis said

"So Mavis, are you the oldest or the youngest sister?" Steph asked

"Lorelei's oldest, i'm just the baby." Mavis said

"Youngest would be a better word for that." Stephanie said

"Yeah, you're right."

Meanwhile, when Stephanie unpacked in her room, Milla Jane spotted some of her manga.

"You like manga, too?" Milla asked

"Yeah, you like manga?"

"Who doesn't? That is so awesome. Is that "Black Servant"?"

"You know it!"

"Sweet!" Milla high fives Stephanie

"Hey, what's up?" Mavis peeked her head though Steph's door being curious.

"Oh, me and Stephanie was talking about our favorite manga."

"Manga? What's that?"

"I've heard of it. It's a type of japanese literature that is widely popular around the world, including in the Magic Dimension. Many are adapted into japanese animation called anime." Renajene answered

Milla and Stephanie were surprised at Renajene's answer to what manga was.

"Wow Renajene, that's...whoa." Milla repiled

"Um, how did you know all of that?" Stephanie said

"I don't read manga, but I have read about Japanese culture in my studies on Healios. It's very intriguing."

"Okay, you must really love to read."

Mavis looked out of her window and spotted someone she knows. She looked in excitement and interupted the other girls' conversation.

"Hey! Guys, come on!"

"Where are we going?" Renajene asked

"What's the rush?" Milla adds

"To see my sister, of course! I spotted her down there, come on!"

Sister, Sister

"Hey, Lorelei!" Mavis waved to a tall girl who had dark blonde hair and looked similar to Mavis.

"Mavis, hi!" Lorelei answered back, "What do you think about Alfea here so far?"

"The last few days has been awesome! Oh, and we have a new roommate, sis!"


"Yeah. Sis, this is Stephanie. Stephanie, meet my big sister, Lorelei."

"Um hi, nice to meet you." Steph said

"Hi, welcome to Alfea." Lorelei replied, "You've really made plenty of friends so far, Mav. I'm shocked."

"Well, you're not jealous are you, sis?" Mavis joked

"Hey you're the one who was jealous of me when I first came here." Lorelei joked back

"I can't help it if you were SO popular! And speaking of popular, have you heard about Stephanie earning her Winx early?"

"Yeah, everyone's talking about it. Congrats on acheiving your Magic Winx!"

"Thanks, I think it was just luck I guess." Steph replied.

"Maybe it was! Or maybe it was because of your strong willingness that got you to acheive it so quick."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

"Hey, isn't your next class in 10 minutes?" Lorelei added

"Oh no! We're gonna be late!" Milla adds

"We better hurry or we're going to be late for the next class!" Renajene said

"Later, sis!" Mavis and the other girls ran off to their next classes, while Lorelei goes off to hers.

After School

After a long day at school, Stephanie and the others when back to their dorms to rest.

"Man, I feel exhausted. Who knew college can be a pain." Stephanie said

"It's good for our learning. You'll learn something new everyday." Renajene added

"You sound like my mom, she said the exact same thing." Milla Jane said

"Lorelei did too." Mavis adds

"You're very attached to your sister, Mavis. I wish I can get my sisters to be like that." Steph replied

"But wouldn't that be creepy?" Milla said

"(Sweatdrop) Yeah you're right, it would." Steph said

"Speaking of Lorelei, what powers does she have?" Milla asked

"Lorelei's powers are of the stars. Her favorite spell is Star Shower!"

"Okay, what about the rest of you?" Stephanie asked also

"My powers are healing, and they are mostly defense spells." Renajene adds

"My powers are over animals. I do love them, but only the ones that look gentle, like deers or rabbits." Milla says

"Mavis? What about you?"

"Oh yeah, powers are.., it's kinda complicated you know." Mavis said

"How complicated is it?" Renajene asked

"Yeah, you can tell us." Milla said

"Mavis, if it makes you feel better, i'll tell you my power. I'm the fairy of snow and light, and i'm not sure if I will be able to be the next keeper of the Snow Phoenix. What ever the case i'm willing to take."

"Ok, i'm..the fairy"

"See? That wasn't hard, was it?" Milla said

"Yeah, I guess not."

"Well, i'm beat. I'm going to bed." Steph yawned

"I'm exhausted as well."

"So am I. Good night, everyone." Milla replied

"Good night"

"Yeah, good night." Mavis said, "They don't really know it really is harder then they think. I don't know if can tell them."

The Principal's office

"Attention, Stephanie, report to the office immediately." The innercom announced while the girls were having breakfast in the cafateria.

"Oh great, the second day of school and i'm already in trouble."

"You can't be in trouble. It's probably something important or something good." Milla said

"Milla Jane's right. After all, you are new here." Renajene said

"Thanks. Well, wish luck." Steph left the cafateria table to Ms. Faragonda's office. Milla Jane looks over at Mavis because she was quiet the whole time.

"Are you okay, Mavis?"


"You're very quiet, something wrong?"

"Ah no, it's nothing. I'm sometimes quiet anyways, it's normal."


"You can always tell us what's going on in your mind." Renajene added

"Thanks Milla, Renajene."

Meanwhile, Stephanie went and found the principal's office and opens the door.

"Ms. Faragonda? You wanted to see me?"

"Yes dear. Please come in."

Stephanie came in and sat on the chair as ordered.

"Now, do you remember the mission Flora gave you?"

"Yes ma'am."

"And you, Tarah and Blair succeeded."

"Yes ma'am."

"But about your Magic Winx, you did obtain it. However, the Magic Chamber had a mishap with the selection of the test."

"What, so I earned my Winx but by a mishap?"

"Like I said, you did obtain it, permenently until you've obtain further transformations. But the Chamber didn't act like this before, but we have checked the program twice, it seems that the systems where fine. But just in case this happens again, you will practice on missions. But don't worry, they will be easy."

"Okay, but will you be able to protect the systems next time?"

"That is a possiblity."


"I will let you know when the time comes."

"Thank you, Ms. Faragonda."

The New Teacher at Cloud Tower

Meanwhile, somewhere far away from Alfea, is the mysterious Cloud Tower. A mysterious figure walked down the dark hallways and towards the principal's office. The figure knocked on the door for an answer.

"Yes, come in." said the headmistress of Cloud Tower, Miss Griffin. The mysterious figure came in and it turns out to be a male who looked about in his late 40s.

"Hello, Headmistress Griffin." said the man

"Zarod, I see you haven't changed a bit." She said

"Sarcasm, well played."

"What is it you want?"

"Why, i'm here to become a subsitute teacher for Spell class, of course."

"Ms. Morgan will be back, she just had a family emergency."

"But Griffin, I can take care of the class. Without a teacher, how will the girls learn more spells?"

"Zarod, don't think i'm going to fall for your tricks."

"Speaking of tricks, where are your former students?"

"I don't want to discuss this. Those three are fine."

"Well, I guess I should be going. The girls just might miss out on new spells, without it, they'll become powerless."

"Alright fine, subsitute the class. If I ever catch you doing anything suspicious, you will leave this school, are we clear?"

"Of course, you have my word."

After he left out of Miss Griffin's office, Zarod continues to walk down the dark hallways of Cloud Tower towards the cafateria. He looks over and spots a few girls chatting about Alfea and Red Fountain.

"I heard a fairy obtained her Winx in one day." One girl said

"That's nothing compared to one fairy who gained her Enchantix in no time!" Another replied

"Speaking of fairies, hey Mei-Feng! Have you heard about your sister yet?"  Another girl said to a girl with short black hair.

"My sister is none of your business." Mei-Feng answered

"Maybe they both have a sibling rivalry because Mei's sister chose to become a fairy!" A red haired girl said

"It's not that, Ignacia, so shut it!" Mei scowled

"Oh, you wanna bet, firework!?" The red haired girl said

"Girls! That is enough!" Miss Griffin said as she entered

"Sorry, Headmistress." They both apologized

"Now, I would like to introduce you all to your subsitute teacher, Lord Zarod. He will take Ms. Morgan's place in Spell class until then. Understood?"

"Yes, Miss Griffin." They all answered

"Splendid, I will see you all in the next class." the wizard said

After the Headmistress left, everyone resumed their breakfast, and Mei-Feng and Ignacia went back to their tables.

"You got lucky you didn't get burned, Mei-Feng!" The red head said

"Same here." Mei-Feng replied

"Honestly Ignacia, can you not pick a fight on someone all the time." a girl with light blue hair said

"She obviously can't, knowing her powers are over fire." a girl with short dark blue hair replied

"Oh very funny, Darya!" Ignacia said

"So, who's the fairy who obtained her winx?" Mei-Feng asked

"Oh, now you're interested?" Ignacia said

"I'm just curious, that's all."

"We don't know her name, but rumors say she's from Cosmos." One girl said

"Oh yeah, i've heard of Cosmos. They say it is the home of the Snow Phoenix." the girl with the blue hair said, "They say it is the most luminous being in the Magic Dimension. If you ask me, it's not as nearly beautiful as me~."

"Vain as ever, Circee." Mei-Feng replied

"I AM NOT VAIN! I am cautious about my beauty."

"Isn't that the same thing as being vain?" Ignacia added

"Oh please, like you don't look in the mirror everyday to see your glowing face! Speaking of that, I want my favorite hairbrush back, it's been about a week and you never returned it!"

Zarod overheard this and left the cafateria immediately. He was planning on something sinister to what he had heard.

"So, the Snow Phoenix chose its next keeper. How interesting."

The Mission

Lord Zerod walks down the hallways and sees Circee walking towards his way.

"Circee, would you by any chance do me a favor?"

"Sorry, Professor Zerod, i'm busy right now."

"You're busy, doing what?"

"The upcoming dance at Alfea is tomorrow, and I have nothing to wear! I'm afraid i'm gonna have to go back to Magix city for more outfits!"

"I'm sure you will look great."

"Easy for you to say! It's hard to stay beautiful, even for a witch of beauty like me!"

"Well alright, I understand, dear. Your beauty comes first."

"But, if you like, Raven's available. Poor thing is always alone, in a creepy way."

"Really? Where is Raven?"

"In her's and Ignacia's dorm."

After Circee left, Lord Zerod headed towards Igancia's dormroom for this student. As he knocked, a girl answered in a soft voice.

"Hello? Miss Raven?"

"Come in."

As he entered, he spots a girl in dark clothing sitting near the window side.

"So you're Raven."

"Yes. You must be the subsitute teacher for Miss Morgan."

"Raven, how would you like to do me a favor? Nothing big, just..simple."

"How simple?"

"Rumors say that a new fairy earned her transformation in one day."

"That does not interest me."

"She comes from Cosmos, she may be the next keeper of the Snow Phoenix."


"Yes. To test out her powers, I want you to do this task for me."

"Maybe is not the word that interest me. However, what is the catch?"

"No catch. Just a little task."

"You want me to waste my spells on a simple fairy?"

"Just this once, dear."

"Fine, I'll only do this once."


The Dark

Raven teleported into the forest near the Alfea gate where she can't be seen.

"Cry, Ominous Shadow." She helds out her hand and releases a horde of ghouls with skull masks to attack Alfea, "Attack only the girl from Cosmos when you sense her. Now go."

They did what they were told and attacked head first though the gate. Every student was panicing as the horde of monsters were almost breaking though. Meanwhile at the principal's office, Ms. Faragonda and Stephanie looked out the window and saw the beasts.

"Ms. Faragonda, what in the world is going on?" Steph asked

"It looks like the beasts wants to break though the gate! Possibly to harm the other students! Go, and don't let them harm the others!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Stephanie runs outside and hurries to the gateway.


Milla Jane and the other two followed her to the gate.

"It's not safe, you've gotta go back!" Steph said

"We're not gonna leave you alone in this fight!" Milla said


"That's right, and by the looks of those beasts, one fairy is not enough to fight a horde." Renajene adds

"So we're with you, Stephanie! Aren't we a team?" Mavis said

"....Yeah, we are a team!" Steph adds, "Let's do this!"

"CHANGE, MAGIC WINX!" All four of the girls transformed into their transformation outfits.

"Whoa, so that's what your transformations look like." Stephanie was in awe about the other girls transformations.

One of Raven's beasts finally broke through, and Stephanie and the others dodged its' thrashes.

"If that's what you want, then take this, Snow Bound!" Stephanie covers the dark beast with snow and turns it to ice to keep it from moving.

"Got it!"

"Stephanie, the others are breaking in!" Mavis shouted


The horde came from the same break-in the leader entered previously.


Two students were cornered by another beast from the horde. It almost smashes them when Renajene flies in.

"Sweet Deletion!" Renajene holds her hands out and summons a yellow shield dome to protect the two students, while the beast gets stunned and it's whole hand and arm disintergrated by touching the shield.

"Are you both alright?" Rena asks

"Yeah, thanks Renajene!" One of the girls said

"There's only four left! I got the third one!" Milla adds

The third monster appeared in front of Milla Jane and was about to punch Milla.

"Beast Charge!" Milla summons a spirit of an elephant to charge towards the fist of the monster to protect Milla from getting hit. It also throws the fist back and charges towards the chest making a direct hit.

"Awesome! Three down, three to go! Mavis, you're up!"

"I don't see any near me!" Mavis said when..."Why do I feel like something's behind me!? I don't see anything around me, unless...!"

A large black hole appeared behind Mavis and sprouts up the fourth monster. Mavis looked in fear as it appeared behind her so quickly and not enough time for her to attack.

"MAVIS!!" The three shouted

"Orbiting Meteor!" A ring of stars formed around the beast and transformed into meteors, clashing towards and destroying the monster.

"What happened? Who saved Mavis?" Milla asked

"I did." A tall figure appeared from the explosion which happened to be Lorelei.

"Lorelei! Thanks, sis!" Mavis said

"Hey, don't get too reckless next time. And be more careful." She replied

"I wasn't! And I will be more careful!"

"What about the other two?"

The other remaining beasts turned back to Stephanie and charged towards her.

"Hey! I'm not finished!" Mavis said

"Be careful, Mav!" Lorelei adds

"I know!" Mavis closed her eyes and thinks.

"Come on, Mavis. Focus on only the attacks. Aim directly with no problem. You can do this."

"Saturn Bind!" Mavis summons the rings of Saturn and binded the other two monsters to keep from attacking.

"Thanks Mavis!" Steph said

"Leave the rest to me! Pulsar...Blaster!" Mavis forms a powerful ball of blue light and fires at the remaining two monsters at full blast.

After the other two were destroyed, the others were almost in relief.

"What about the one in ice?" Milla Jane said

"Return." Raven commanded the frozen one, which it easliy slides out from its bind.

"It's gone!" Mavis said

"But how? Snow Bound should be able to keep it from escaping!" Stephanie said

"She's right, binding moves and frozen moves does keep the monster from escaping." Lorelei adds

"What could have happened?" Renajene said

"Do you know what happened, Lorelei?" Mavis said

"The thing is, I don't know either."

"We've got to tell Ms. Faragonda about this! She'll know!" Stephanie and the others, including Lorelei ran inside to the principal's office.

Meanwhile in the forest, Raven's last remaining monster from the aftermath came back towards its' master.

"Hmm....she managed to freeze you, but yet she let's the others fight for her. Not bad, but not good either." Raven replied as she absorbed her monster back. "But why didn't one of you attack the blonde, and the strange aura I sensed....what was it? I shall leave for now."

And Raven teleported back to Cloud Tower.


Meanwhile, back in the principal's office, Stephanie and the other girls were asking for an explanation to Ms. Faragonda.

"Ms. Faragonda, what were those..things? What were they after?" Stephanie asked

"And the question is, why?" Renajene adds

"Calm down, I'm not sure why this is happening either. But somehow they got through the gate so easily." Ms. Faragonda said

"But Ms. Faragonda, may I also ask how the monster escaped from Stephanie's ice spell? An ice type spell which freezes anyone should keep them from escaping." Lorelei adds

"I know, Lorelei. This possibly means that we have another enemy approching anytime soon. You girls must train and find out who is behind this." Ms. F adds

"Yes Ms. Faragonda." All of the girls left out of the office as soon as Ms. Faragonda dismisses them and went back to their dorms.

Meanwhile back at Stephanie's dorm, the girls discussed about today's events.

"That was totally freaky today." Milla said

"You said it." Steph adds

"I agree." Renajene added

Mavis looked out of her window thinking back on how one of Raven's beasts almost launched a sneak attack behind her. "How? How did I not see it? And why did it focus on Stephanie instead of me?"

"Mavis?" Milla said

"Huh? Yeah, what's wrong?"

"You looked sad. Are you okay?" Stephanie said

"Yeah, i'm good. But Stephanie, why did they want to attack you?"

"Don't know. What if, they could sense the Snow Phoenix in me already? But, I just got my powers, how can that be?"

"Maybe it developed early." Renajene says

"Could be."

"But look on the bright side, we kicked butt! Didn't we?" Milla adds

"Yeah, you were awesome!" Stephanie said

"You were awesome also, Stephanie." Renajene says

"But you guys did all the work too."

"We all did awesome!" Milla adds

"I have an idea. Why don't we make a club? Like the original Winx?" Renajene suggested

"But we just met for two days in Alfea." Mavis says

"True, but we were great with teamwork!" Milla said

"Oh okay. But something really original." Steph said

The girls were thinking of a name for their new club, until Renajene came up with an idea.

"What about the 'Lightix' Club? Because I heard that your powers are both light and snow."

"Thanks but I was imagining a title that somewhat pops, you know." Steph said

"The 'Snowix' or the 'Frostix'?" Milla and Mavis adds

"Close with the 'Snowix' but 'Frostix' sounds like we're cold-hearted."

"Like witches of Cloud Tower." Mavis laughs

"Some of the witches are nice, and most of the time want to switch to being fairies." Renajene says

"Wait, what's Cloud Tower?" Stephanie asked

"Far from here and Red Fountain is a dark and creepy school for witches known as Cloud Tower." Mavis said

"And you said witches can switch to fairies, is that even possible?" Stephanie asked

"Oh yeah, there was a student named Mirta who was a witch but later became a fairy the same time when the Winx were around." Milla Jane said

"That's kinda weird, but okay."

"Anyways it's getting dark, we should get some rest." Milla said

"Yeah, we'll think about the club name tomorrow. Good night." Stephanie said

"Good night." All went to bed, however Mavis opened her eyes and glanced at the full moon from her window.

In the Forest We Go

The next day, the girls at Alfea went Dragon Seeing, an event that is held near by Red Fountain where the dragons perform in the sky.

"Single file, girls! And do be on your best behavior!" Grizelda said.

"What's Dragon Seeing again?" Stephanie asked

"Dragon Seeing is where the dragons of Red Fountain perform special dances in the sky." Renajene said

"Oh. Was this done before?"

"Nah. This is a brand new event for us." Milla said

"We have finally arrived at Red Fountain. And remember, no love spells or potions!" Grizelda said

"Yes ma'am." All agreed.

Meanwhile at Cloud Tower, Zerod walked down the hallways to find Raven again. As he knocked on her door, Ignacia answered first.

"Hey Lord Zerod, what's up?" Ignacia said

"Hello Ignacia, is Raven around?" He said

"She's in her room, as always. Jeesh, she should get out more, it's no wonder if she gets claustrophobic."

"Thank you, Ignacia, i think." he said


"That's enough, Ignacia." Raven came out of her room and faced toward Zerod.

"Any good news?" Zerod asked

"She is strong, but she also has comerades."

"Really now?"


"Raven, would you do me another.."

"I said once."

"Don't you want to find out more about her and her teammates?"

"Her, and there is another one I would like find out about."

"Oh? Did you find out who she is?"

"According to one of my pets, the blonde girl's name is Mavis. The snow fairy is Stephanie."

"Well now, Raven, I heard there is a Dragon Seeing event near Red Fountain. What do you say?"

"I said no."

"But for this exception, would you please?"

"Raven's really stubborn, so it's best not to push her to her limit." Igancia adds

"Fine, just for this exception."


"But next time, if you don't respect my wishes, I will feed you to the phantoms in my shadows." Raven summons her phantoms which surrounds Lord Zerod.

"As you wish."

After Lord Zerod left out of her dorm, Ignacia made a remark.

"Teacher's pet."

Back near Red Fountain, the event started and the dragons made majestic dances, making the girls in awe. However Raven arrived while hidden in the shadows.

"Cry, Umbra Trick." Raven summons her shadow phantoms which they copied the forms of the Red Fountain dragons.

"Weaken the dragons first, then aim for your target." She commanded

The shadow dragons did as they were told and were seeped back into their shadows. The current dragons were still soaring in the skies gracefully.

"This is really amazing." Stephanie said

"I wonder how they can control the dragons by riding them?" Mavis said

"The guys know, why don't we ask them." Milla laughed

Suddenly, a dark blue beam hits one of the dragons, following up more beams which hits almost all of the dragons remaining. All of the Alfea students panicked as they saw the phantom dragons come out from the ground.

"Those shadow things again?" Milla Jane says

"That's not possible! We have just defeated them yesterday!" Renajene said

"We beat 'em once, we can beat them again!" Stephanie said


"Milla Jane, you'll take the ones on the left! Mavis, you'll take the others on the right! Renajene, can you take care of the hurt students?"

"Yes, I will try my best." Renajene answered

"Okay, ready?"

"LET'S GO!" All four of them split up in different places in order to defeat Raven's phantoms.

"Howling Blast!" Milla Jane summoned a loud sonicboom of an animal howl towards three of the phantoms, causing them to explode.

"Got all three on my side!" Milla said

"Okay, take this, Comet Aim!" Mavis created a large comet from her hand and aimed it at the other remaining monsters.


"Fools. Return." Raven called back her once exploded three phantoms into one.

"Now, corner your target."

"Stephanie! Look out!" Mavis yelled

One of the phantoms hit Stephanie by using one of their shadow ball attacks, causing her to get hurt. They even tied her up on the grund to keep her from escaping.


As soon as the fake dragons charged towards Stephanie, Stephanie screamed for her life. But suddenly, a sword slashes one of the phantoms that was charging near her. Stephanie opens her eyes and saw every fake dragons destroyed by an unknown figure.

"Who..who are you?"

"Your knight in shining armor."

Next Episode

Milla Jane: Hi, Milla Jane here! Turns out this has been the craziest first days here at Alfea, and guess what...Stephanie has finally found her first boyfriend! Aww! Next Episode, Snowing Love!

Stephanie: Milla! He is not my boyfriend!


  • Stephanie
  • Milla Jane
  • Renajene
  • Mavis


  • Lorelei
  • Zarod
  • Ignacia
  • Mei-Feng
  • Darya
  • Circee
  • Raven


  • The New Winx were once again removed, due to Roxy13's absence and the discontinue of the group. So changes are made for Nikki and Blair.

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