Ms. Fausta


Unknown (possibly in her 30s)

Ms. Fausta is a supporting character and is a music teacher of Alfea.


She appears to have long light blue hair. Part of her hair is wing shaped, while the rest just hangs down. She does have purple clef shaped wings. Her outfit is a long-sleeved Dark pink/pink dress. She carries around a wand with a music note on top indicating that she is a music teacher.


She is very kind and cheerful, even to the Winx Club. She loves to spend time singing including the fact that she pops up anywhere (example, a closet) sings while she gives the girls news. But sometimes she can be quite serious.


She is a citizen of Melody, and Musa claims she known her ever since she was 7. Ms. Fausta appears in an upcoming fanfic, "Baby's first day out", she pops up from the girls' room in Bloom's box chest. She always sings while she pops up from different items. Ms. Fausta gives the girls a magic hairtie for Rosie so that her powers won't overload for a few days so that Rosie will be in control for a few days.

Powers and ablilites

Her powers are music based, but little of her spells are shown.

  • Clef Bind
  • Choir Fortissimo


  • It is revealed that she came from planet Melody.
  • She is based on
Conya (Magical DoReMi)
  • She will be voiced by Mollie Weaver (not official).

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