Molly Cress
18 (Season 1)
Bonded Pixie
Coming soon.
Coming soon
Coming soon
Powers and Abilities
Dreams, read the dreams of persons and create good dreams or nightmares.
First appearance
Princess of colors (Part 1)

Molly is the fairy of dreams and princess of Dreamix.



Molly has orange hair, blue eyes and white skin tone.

Season 1

Molly wears a lavender and purple kimono and lavender and purple boots.

Her winx outfit is a lavender jumpsuit with purple boots. Her wings are lavender.


Nobody knows much of Molly's History, only Karen does. In Dreamix, the climate is very cold, and everybody wears a kimono, is the fashion of Dreamix. At 7 years old, she first tried with her powers, and she mades her first transformation.

Magical abilities

Molly has the power of dreams, she can create sweet dreams (Mostly for her friends or her boyfriend) or nightmares for people that bothers her (Mostly for the witches.)

Winx spells

  • Dreamin' pollen
  • Sweet dreams!
  • Nightmare powder.

Charmix spell

  • Dreammares!

Enchantix spells

Coming soon...

First appearance

In her first appearance (Princess of colors (Part 1)) Molly is one of the 4 (four) fairies that rescued Karen . She seems to use a spell to make the witches sleep. And she is who carried Karen to her room.


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