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Mitsuki Rowain

Mitsuki Rowain, Princess of Animea and fairy of plants.


Mitsuki was born as the princess of Animea, a planet where animals and people worked together in harmony. She was the youngest out of two children of King Midnight and Queen Dawn Rowain. Her brother Matthew got to name her and he chose Mitsuki, which means beautiful moon in Japan on Earth. And she was as beautiful as the moon until an accident on Earth when her family went to visit. In a car wreck she lost her right eye from broken glass and they had to completely remove it. With the help of her brother it took her 2 years to learn to not be afraid to show her face again. Though at times she get's a little shy when people stare at her scar but it doesn't stay for long. She's also a bit shy when people talk about her skin color.

Mitsuki runs a animal shelter on Magix now but still keeps in touch with her parents so they dont think they lost another child. Jasmine, a white tiger, protects the place while she's out rescuing helpless animals and she does the job perfect. She started the shelter after arriving on Magix when she was 19. A rabbit was in a trash can with a broken leg when Mitsuki found it. She took it in and helped it heal. Animals were a part of her life growing up so she has learned to help them and they will return the favor when it's time. She's rescued over one thousand animals and found good homes for each one of them since she opened the shelter. There are multiple volunteers that help out there but one couple stands out the most to entrust the shelter with in Mitsuki's eyes. For she wants to open up another shelter on Deamonic a planet filled with demons both animal and human.

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