Pixie title
Pixie of Time
Bonded fairy
Time Traveling (Plus her Crystawand)

Mimi is the Pixie of Time and Stephanie's bonded pixie. She first appears in Winx Girl of the Future, but her official appearance will appear in Season 2 of Miraclix Chronicles.


Mimi has cyan eyes, light pink hair that is worn up with braids held in perfect circle shapes. Her hat is light blue but with two cat ear shaped pieces. The top is blue resembling a T-shirt styled dress, the skirt part being striped with white and blue. Over the top and skirt is white colored flaps with dark blue lining and buttons going up the chest. At the waist is a clock belt and at the chest flaps is where a clock pin sits. The gloves are blue with white after the wrist, lined in dark blue and so are the buttons.




She is mostly shy and timid somewhat like Stephanie (evidence in Winx girl from the future that she was at first scared of the Winx and the pixies but she got used to them). But Mimi is very friendly, sweet and bubbly. She also cares for her bonded fairy and vows to protect her even if Mimi is small.


She was supposedly met Stephanie at a forest when she was chased by wild creatures (similar to Breeze's incident) and got hurt. And Stephanie found her falling from the trees and healed her.

Powers and abilites

Mimi has the power to travel through time, past, present and/or future. She even has the ability to change her clothing when she time travels (this was after she time traveled with Stephanie to Alicia's (Stephanie's mother) past.



  • Mimi's outfit is based on Magical DoReMi characters:
Momoko Asuka (Her hair and Dokkan outfit)
Hana Makihatayama (Her hat)
  • Although Lockette is the pixie of portals that can open portals to magical lands and Mimi is the pixie of time and can open portals through time, they are both not the same.
  • It is revealed that Mimi is possibly Concorda's niece, possibly because Mimi is a rare time pixie.
  • Mimi's name could possibly come from the two letters from the word, "TIMe", only backwards.

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