Millie is Kind, and a Bit Stubborn. She is The Fairy of Insects.


Season 4

Millie is Annoyed when The Magix Club follow her, Thinking they are Snobbish, Rude Girls. She is a Waitress at The Frutti Music Bar, Since Roxy was at Alfea. Later, Millie Shows the Girls a Zoo of Insects, like Butterflies, Ladybugs and Spiders. Millie Still Thinks they're Crazy and When they Said She was the Last Fairy on Earth, She Couldn't Believe her Ears.

After Making Friends With Them, She is Attack by 6 Wizards, Leading her to Say, "I Believe in Fairies, With all my Heart and Sole!" and Then the Girls Transform into Believix. The Wizards Did Care, because they Were Powerful. Later on, When She Learns She is a Fairy, The Fairy of Insects, She Starts to Make the Fairy Pets look like Butterflies.

Once Ian, One of the Wizards, Harms her Pet Spider, Millie Transforms. She Struggles at First, but is Good at Magic. Later, Millie Earns her Full Believix, for Being Brave.

Season 5

Millie joins Alfea, and Manages to Become a Sirenix Fairy.

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