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Marie is the fairy of nature and the main protagonist of The Elements: The Five.

Princess Marie


April 18th
Nature, Animals
Fairy Colors
Light Green, Pink, Magenta, Lavender
Bracken (twin brother)

Zhane (boyfriend)

Hunter (ex-boyfriend)
Animals, Nature, Music, Sports,
Water, Heights, Clowns, Animal Abusers
Animal bonded with:
Red Fox



Marie appears shy at first, but is very uptight and considered very bossy. She likes to be the leader, and strides to be the best. She tends to speak before she thinks when she is upset. However, Marie is very loyal and friendly, and is always a helping hand.


The Elements: The Five Elements

A Light in the Darkness


Marie is very tan, with narrow ice blue eyes, and has semi-long brown hair with caramel high-lights that is wavy.


Marie wears a white short-sleeved shirt with flowers printed, and dark blue short-shorts with brown wedges. Her other outfit is a salmon colored short-sleeved, v-neck, flowy shirt with cream short-shorts with silver gladiator sandles.


Marie wears a spring green, midriff top with matching shorts and ankle wedge boots. Her wings are trimmed gold and foam green.
Marie Winx

Marie, the fairy of Nature (done by Roxy13)

Powers and Abilities




  • Marie has been inspired by:
    • Flora, Aisha and Roxy from Winx Club
    • Ichigo Momoiya (Zoey) from Tokyo Mew Mew
    • Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
    • Fin from Stoked
  • Marie has been altered many times throught her "planning and development" stage:
    • Marie orginally was supposed to have power of nature
    • Marie has two other siblings, they were all triplets: Toklo (now Bracken) and Rose
    • Marie did not have a past life/reincarniated
    • Marie's personallity has changed from being crazy, insane, loud mouth to her somewhat "type-A" personallity
    • Marie's appearence had some changes as well
      • Her hair color was dark brown
      • Her eye color was lime green
      • Her skin color was fair
      • She was the tallest out of The Elements, now shes "medium" hight
  • Maire, Hollyn, and Sorrel usually confuse Sorreltail18 when she writes drafts and draws them out since they all look alike
    • They all have wavy brown hair
    • They all are tan
    • They protray as the main protagonist
    • All The Element stories tie in together
      • Marie and Hollyn are best friends
      • Sorrel can't stand Marie, vice versa
      • Both Hollyn and Sorrel liked Marie's brother Bracken
  • Marie's fairy outfit has drastically changed.
  • Marie means "bitter" in French.

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