Majestix is a new transformation for Believix and an upgraded version of Royalix. This transformation was first shown in the fanfic, "Winx Club: Believix in Japan". However, a different version of Majestix is shown and for Stephanie, Alicia's daughter.


The Winx earn this transformation from Queen Lavernrena and Queen Celestia, the very first queen of Cosmos when a wizard named Orochi wanted Rosie's power to reign over Japan.


The girls keep their Believix appearance, only the colors change to full white and the lighter color of their main color. The frills on their outfits become longer, more frilly and flowy. The rims on their wings become white, while their main color becomes light on the inside of the wings. The skirts and pants are added with knee-length veils.

Powers and abilities

They summon this transformation by saying: "We summon the royal power of Believix!". And in the end, they finish it off by saying, "Evil beware, by the royal power of Winx!"

Known Users and their attacks

  1. Bloom: Flaming Rule
  2. Stella: Superior Solar Flare
  3. Flora: Royal Bloom
  4. Musa: Master Melody
  5. Tecna: Circuit Order
  6. Aisha: Sea Ruler
  7. Alicia: Infinite Miracle, Divine Barrier


  1. Winx: Queen's Judgement

Aqua Mode

As the Winx earned their Sirenix, their Majestix can upgrade into Aqua Mode.

Known Users and their attacks

  1. Bloom: Flaming Cascade
  2. Stella: Sunny Tsunami
  3. Flora: Verdant Whirlpool
  4. Musa: Harmony Torrent
  5. Tecna: Techno Rain
  6. Aisha: Ruling Splash, Royal Neptune
  7. Alicia: Angelic Rain


  1. Winx: Infinite Neptune


  • Because her fairy transformation is incomplete, Roxy doesn't acquire this transformation.
  • This transformation is based on the Princess Form from Smile Pretty Cure!

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